Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Do you think they have support groups for that?

Yes, I'm outting my husband. He has an addiction, a very bad addiction. If you read the comments on yesterday's post, you know that my sister-in-law was questioning the amount of space I allotted for my husband's boardgames.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...
"Nice! But I am concerned about Adrian's games - is he culling his collection? It looks like he's going from overflowing one entire bookshelf with games to being relegated to two shelves within one bookshelf? Then his games might creep onto the expedit shelves (LOVE those, by the way - I drool over the red ones)?"

And she was right, the amount of space shown is not nearly enough for his massive and still growing (one more today plus two on order) collection. No, the allotted boardgame space is for those not shown in the above picture.

Hello, my name is Adrian and I am a game-aholic.

Oh well, lucky for him September 23rd is National Family Game Night (it's the other holiday that day). Maybe I'll be the good wife and play one with him... Nah, I doubt that's gonna happen. Hey, but anybody else need a game to play? We have plenty to spare if you're willing to trade in your first born as collateral.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I think he's fine--considering my husband keeps a whole CAR in our garage that he hasn't driven in over a decade and has no plans to FIX. (Sorry, had to get that off my chest.)
We're a gaming family--the board game kind. We'd get together with your tribe ANY day for game night!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

There's the bookshelf I know and love. I envision you as one day having a game library, like some people have a book library... or actually you could probably have both! Time to add another story to your just finished home :)

@juniandpip said...

Looks fun! We should have family game night with Canape :)

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

That would be fun. If I can turn off my competitive gene for an evening ;)

@sweetbabboo said...


My inability to turn off the competitive gene is EXACTLY why I can't play. It's not relaxing for anyone when I'm playing.