Tuesday, September 15, 2009


So here's my plan for the new closet space up in the attic bonus family den rumpus room.

It's gotta have lots of storage for all my husband's junk board games. You see, he has a bit of an addiction. Plus, I want it to contain a chunk of L's toys plus some random art supplies. And in true Abby-fashion, I want it to look good and be organized.

The two shelving units will be Expedit from Ikea probably in white. The floating shelves will likely be a reuse of what is currently in our mud room and the buckets will be ones from the birthday party.

We'll see how it turns out once we have both the time and the money to hit up our not-quite-local Ikea.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

oooh--you're so organized you even have a PLAN for your organization! I am impressed!
Those floating shelves are cool.

Heidi said...

A design plan complete with sketches. LOVE that!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Nice! But I am concerned about Adrian's games - is he culling his collection? It looks like he's going from overflowing one entire bookshelf with games to being relegated to two shelves within one bookshelf? Then his games might creep onto the expedit shelves (LOVE those, by the way - I drool over the red ones)?

@sweetbabboo said...

Ah no, he won't be reducing the collection at all. Instead, he has his entire book shelf that will still be on the back wall plus those additional spaces in the top of the Expedit shelves.

I do remember the day when he begged me for his bookshelf and explained that if there were more games than it could contain, he would HAVE to get rid of some. Think that happened? Um... no.