Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Constructing a Celebration

What can I say? The kid loves all things construction and it allowed me to use so much stuff we already had from tools (from our pre-baby DIY days) to toy trucks to Halloween accents.

It was over the top, but oh so much fun to plan and execute. Plus, I took the lazy way out last year, so this year I made an effort.

Here's a little tour of the 'Construction Zone' 2nd birthday party.

Welcome to the party! (I rented the orange cones for $2 each.)

Help yourself to some food. You can choose from Drywall (pita), Spackle (hummus), Wrecking Balls (melon balls), Lumber (pretzels), and of course 'Dirt Dessert'.

Have a seat. I rented a toddler size table and chairs so everyone would have a place to corral their two year old. At his/her place, each guest found a hard hat and tool belt with his/her name.

Play around a little. Activities for the guests included:

A wrecking ball

A house to paint

And a sand table for digging in.

Don't forget your favors. Before the guests left, they filled each pocket of their tool belt with their 'Overtime' projects: hammer and screwdriver cookies, construction sticker set, and a Matchbox construction vehicle.

It sure seemed like everyone had a good time. I know that at least one kiddo who was thrilled.

And lest you think I'm an uptight mom who doesn't let my child eat any "fun" food. Here's how my child's party plate looked.

Yes, those are jelly beans filled with all kinds of artificial coloring, flavors, and tons of sugar. He LOVED them. Too bad he'll have to wait at least a year to enjoy them again.


Additional pictures from the party can be found here.


Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I might have to hire you as our party planner from now on.

That was awesome.

Amy said...

It was a blast! Madeline is running around the house today wearing her apron, being very deliberate in reminding me that it was from "Linie's bird-day party".

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

FABULOUS party! I've never seen a theme like this one--so dang CUTE!

Miche said...

OMG, that is THE COOLEST birthday party ever. LOVE the activities you had-so very clever all the way around! How very very fun!

Missy said...


Mom E said...

looks like it was a great party for all the little ones!

~nOe~ said...

loved it!!! :)

Anonymous said...