Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Monkey Madness Recipe

Take one infant.


4 monkey masks

1 handmade birthday onesie

24 helium-filled balloons (banana colors, of course)

1 coastal location

1 pile of gifts

1 banana spice cake
2 loving parents

Voila! One aged-to-perfection banana-coated toddler.


Adrian said...

Clarification: "toddler" only means that Linus is no longer an infant. Soooooo not walking yet.

There'll definitely be a separate post when that happens.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Awesome post :) I admire posts with multiple pictures, because it's a huge pain. Well done.

abbyjess said...

I forgot to give credit to Aunt Chelsea for the great balloon picture. My pics of the balloons didn't turn out as nice. Thanks Chelsea.

corrie said...

Great montage! I love the banana-themed party. It looks like a fun time was had by all!

Oh, and a p.s. to your "tweet" about toddler = coffee: I could not agree more. I used to be an a.m. coffee drinker only, and now I have to have a post-lunch dose as well, just to get by!

canape said...

The homemade onesie is great. The model isn't half bad either ;)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

How absolutely darling!!


Lesha said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday party!


Kate said...

love this. just love it

Isabel said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to your Sweet Babboo!