Thursday, June 18, 2009

Constructing a Crisis

I have a bit of a problem. I'm an overachiever. Whenever I do anything, I feel the urge to do it the best or be the best no matter the stress it causes me. It is this compulsion that keeps me from playing games (board, video, or otherwise) because I can't stand to lose. It is this urge that drives me to have a constant running list of home improvement projects. Of course, it is also this push that helped me graduate with a pretty awesome GPA (if I do say so myself). Sadly, though, it is also this compulsion that had me lying awake all night thinking about a birthday party for a two year old.

It all started very innocently with a little thought, "Maybe this year, we'll have an actual birthday party for Linus." This innocent thought led to browsing party themes, brewing a few ideas, and ordering some invitations. It all started so small and innocent. A little party with a few of Linus's friends, and nothing fancy. It stayed that way until I started really digging. Then I came across a few blogs with party planning and decorating ideas. Most were simple, do-able, but others, others were WOW! I wanted WOW (without the benefit of a party planner and celebrity budget).

Anyway, let's just say after an evening of discussing it all with my dear, sensible husband, I have returned back to Earth and the ideas of a simple, do-able, yet stylish birthday party because, really, I do it to myself and at thirty, I should know better.

More details to come.


Playground Observer said...


I found your blog through a link on Midwestmom's page. My son just turned two in May so I understand the party planning mode you must be in. It is a lot of work but well worth the result!

Best Wishes,


Kelly Jernigan said...

I feel yor pain...after going over themes in my head time & time again, we have decided on a simple, short backyard party with friends. I am sure whatever you decide it will be awesome!!

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

It's going to be awesome no matter what you decide to do.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I'm thinking right now that it's a good thing Martha Stewart isn't your neighbor;)

Meagan Francis said...

I just wrote an article about birthday parties for little kids! I wrote it from the perspective of being a mom who is NOT able to pull off anything too detailed or everything in the article is very doable and simple.

Octamom said...

Hee hee! Ah, yes, the overachiever birthday party wish list! I finally burned myself out after the Pocahontas bash for 1 of 8 when she turned 5....I designed and sewed full-on costumes for she and 2 of 8, invited scads and scads of friends, made this wild sunflower/Pocahontas themed cake and cupcake, multi-tiered monstrosity,the whole deal.

And by now, I'm about at that place where I stick a little frosting on some oreos, sing a round of Happy Birthday and call it good. You seem to be learning faster on one kiddo than I've learned in almost 19 years with 8! ;o)


Miche said...

We did water play stuff for Little Dude's second since it was so hot last summer. We just set up 4 blow up kiddie water pools, had a pack of swim diapers and tons of towels and the kids loved it. The parents were cool with it too cause we could sit and relax with cake while they went crazy and wore themselves out. Either way, Linus will love the cake and I'm sure you'll plan a great party!