Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Diaper Disaster

(I know you all warned me the last time this happened, but I don't think my husband got the memo.)

Yesterday afternoon while I was blissfully enjoying my son's super long naptime, there was a disaster in the works.

It all started with letting my son settle himself down for his nap. I can only imagine what was running through his head.

Linus: Hey! Hey, I don't want to take a nap. You can't make me take a nap. Hmm... what will get their attention? I know, I'll throw Snoopy onto the floor. (Throws Snoopy out of the crib and waits.) Nope, that didn't work. What else? I'll throw blue dog on the floor. They'll have to come in and put him back in the crib. (Tosses blue dog onto the floor and waits.) Man, I can't believe that didn't work. I'll have to think for a bit. (Brings hand up to face in a pose not unlike The Thinker.) Ah ha! I have it- the ultimate plan. Even if it doesn't get them back in here, at least it will punish them when they do finally come and get me. (Reaches down with chubby little fingers and carefully removes his diaper casually tossing it down next to Snoopy.)

[Sometime later that afternoon.]

Mommy: "Oh, I hear Linus. What a wonderful boy for giving his mommy such a long break this afternoon. Linus, Mommy's coming. Hey buddy, did you have a good nap? P-U, someone must have a poopy diaper. Hey, what's that huge wet spot on the sheet? Did you spill your cup of water?"

It is at this moment that Linus proudly stands up and it all becomes VERY clear. Disaster!

There is pee soaking the entire crib sheet, poop on his socks, sheet, and shirt, and the piece de resistance: a nice little turd sitting proudly on the throw pillow next to his crib.

Quickly stripping his socks and shirt off, I make a mad dash for the tub throwing him in while simultaneously hollering for his daddy to come down and help.

In the end, it was only a minor diversion in our day. Daddy gave Linus a quick bath while I gathered up all the bedding and clothing for a laundry load. Of course, we are left wondering two things: Were the urine soaked sheets key to the extra long nap? And, did he ingest any poop via his thumbsucking habit? We can only hope not.


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carrhop said...

The twins have done this TWICE in the last two weeks--finger painting, clay-mation, sculture, what have you---blghhhhhh!


Kelly Jernigan said...

Yipes! This is a fear of mine, and I have NEVER put Wyatt down without a onesie or pants on because of it. You will look back & laugh at this though :) said...

Lordy... I have never, in 9 years and 3 kids, had them smear poop. THANK YOU GOD. Wait. Scratch that. I just remembered an incident involving poop and the staircase... but never the crib...

Lesha said...

Hmmmm...well, good to know. From now on sleep will include pants over the diapers! I'd like to avoid that whole scenerio.

KC said...

This happened once with our oldest - horrifying! Although we never had a migrating turd outside the crib destruction field. That is impressive!

Stephanie Wilson she/her @babysteph said...

Oh YUCK!!! I've never had this happen and hope this fourth baby doesn't jump on board! : )