Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Seeking Encyclopedia Brown

I went into Linus's room this afternoon after his nap and found something unexpected.

Me: Linus, why is there a prepped diaper in your bed? I don't remember putting that there.
Linus: Giggle, giggle.
Me (upon closer inspection): Oh... that's your diaper.

Yep, Linus was laying there in the crib au natural from the waist down. I hadn't noticed at first because his t-shirt was kind of long. I started laughing out loud and Linus quickly joined in. Luckily, he hadn't done his usual nap poo or it might not have been so funny.

Now I just have to figure out what happened. Did he wiggle out of it? Did he unhook it and take it off? I mean, it was just laying there all velcroed as if a phantom baby was wearing it.


Nichols Family said...

They really are magicians...aren't they? Morgan has done that on a couple of occasions, one of which left me wondering if a HUGE dog got loose in the neighborhood and found its way into her bed! I learned the hard way to always keep a snapped onesie on her! I walked in the other day and found her poopy diaper in the pail with a pile of wipes on top of it. I had to give her kudos for at least trying to follow the steps for clean up, but then I was on the hunt for any "oops" spots on the floor. Luckily there weren't any that I could find. I'm so glad Linus hadn't made any messes, just went comando for a bit - they love that fresh air.

Octamom said...

8 of 8 created some interesting 'art' for me a couple of weeks ago during nap was quite the ordeal. The clean-up involved a whole canister of Lysol anti-bacterial wipes for the crib and all--well, I'm sure you get the idea....glad Linus is using other artistic mediums to express himself....


Midwest Mom said...

What a hilarious post!

Thanks for the giggle. Remember, if he continues to be amazing naked baby in the crib, you can always use duct tape. ;) -MM