Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Apparently Wednesdays are to be the death of me. Which at least is saying that the other six days aren't so bad.

I wrote my last post, in which I was basically freaking out, on a Wednesday. Today is also Wednesday and I can honestly say, I may be suffering some post-traumatic stress.

You see, Wednesday is Linus's day off from preschool -- meaning he is home with Edison and me all day. That means, he is wanting his mommy to meet all of his needs from non-stop playing to being the wall to which he continually chatters (chicken crossing the road jokes are his new favorite thing) to using any unsupervised time to find mud or other forms of destruction. It is exhausting. Add in the fact that Edison is used to having my attention or, at least, warm body to snuggle unending and it's a recipe for disaster or at least a loss of my sanity.

Last week, Wednesday combined with the recent news of Edison's hearing loss to lead to my melting down. I can only take so much. Today, despite being the first Wednesday where Adrian worked full time, I was at least able to pull myself together during the ten minutes in which Adrian dragged both children down the street for a "walk."

But again, the good news is that the other six days of the week are better. Edison doesn't seem to have signs of colic. (Huge sigh of relief on my part.) She can wail with the best of them but can generally be soothed. Plus, she sleeps decent most nights and is a nursing champ.

It's still hard but it's survivable. It helps that I received SO MUCH support from friends after my last post (Thank YOU) and was reassured about Edison's general health during her 1 month pediatrician visit.

So... we're here. We're surviving. Just please ignore the sticky floor, huge laundry pile, and kid whose shirt was on backwards all day.

Focus on this instead -- I know I am.

The face of one milk drunk baby.


the L of L and N said...

She's beautiful, Abby! I can't wait to meet her!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh, that face of a milk drunk baby. Precious.

Kate said...

Oh my! She is soooo cute!