Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Queen of *this* Wednesday

I am on top of my game today. After two miserable Wednesdays, I just have to document how well this one is rolling.

So far today I have:

  • Nursed and diapered Edison numerous times.
  • Rocked her down for her morning nap in a timely fashion.
  • Played 3 rounds of Easter egg hunt practice with Linus.
  • Nursed and diapered Edison several more times.
  • Finagled* Linus into picking up his toys in the living room and moving them back up to his room.
  • Held Edison until she fell asleep for her afternoon nap.
  • Set out a decently healthy lunch for my family.
  • Ate lunch together with my family (minus Edison, who was napping).
  • Convinced, er-- bribed** Linus to take a nap.
  • Made a teriyaki marinade for our kebab dinner.
  • Cut up the onion and red pepper in preparation for tonight's kebabs.
  • Made a rhubarb pie with shortbread tart crust and crumble topping. (Pie crust takes too long.)

Now, this may all go out the wide open windows in 5 minutes (or when I have to persuade Linus to clean his disaster of a room), but for now, in this minute, I'm savoring my success.

* I set out a box and told him he had a choice, he could choose to take his toys upstairs to his room or he could just take the easy way out and put them in the box that was going to the thrift store. His choice. (I'm going to try this again with the room pick-up issue. Fingers crossed for success.)

** I told him that we could do a nighttime Easter egg hunt only if he took a nap. I may have even said something about how nocturnal animals (his current obsession) have to sleep during the day in order to hunt at night.


Suzi said...

Yay!!! Glad you are having a good Wednesday!

janzi said...

I have read your blog before baby arrived and I am so pleased that she arrived safe and sound.. of course if she has diifculity hearing,I am sure that that can be sorted, and actually I am sure it won't be too difficult to work around,., the changes in medicine knowledge is great these days.. bet in the old days they would not have known hearing was a little difficult.. I have a friend who has always had a deaf ear, but who you would never know had this, I only got to find out last year after knowing her for over 20 years!! Your daughter is lovely and so is your boy,. I am sure your little family will continue to grow and thrive.. good luck, its always the earliest days that are the hardest.. it will all be smooth sailing soon!! Best wishes and hugs from over the other side of the pond** J

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good luck in your negotiations. These are the longest and hardest days, but trust me, the year will fly by.
Dinner actually sounds good--I'm impressed that you managed to make it!

Kelly Jernigan said...

Enjoy every moment of success! I firmly believe that motherhood is all about celebrating even the smallest of successes - it's what gets me through my days!

Your food sounds delicious - I suddenly have a hankering for pie ;)