Monday, April 26, 2010

Education Day at the DBAP

It's baseball season and here in Durham, baseball means Bulls! I've already been to two games, and am ready for more.

My first game was last Friday night. Although a trip to the ballpark may sound like a cheap date ($8 tickets are less than the movie theater after all), when you add in several hot dogs, beers, and other "ball park only" splurges, that price quickly elevates. Despite that, a Bulls game is a near perfect date. It nicely tows the line between stare at each other, talk dates and stare at a screen, sit in silence dates. There's both entertainment and conversation. To me, that's perfection.

For my second game, I took a different date. I've written before about how perfect the 11 AM games are for little ones, and today's was no exception. Linus and I met up with our friend's Marty, CC, and and lil' C for a little Spring time fun. The boys did great, spreading their attention equally between the actual game, the fun festivities, and the Matchbox cars I brought along. I still wasn't able to bring myself to indulge Linus in a hot dog or electric pink cotton candy, but he did pretty much eat a bucket of popcorn by himself. Anytime I tried to sneak a little, I was chastised, "No, Mommy, you're not hungry." Of course, one drawback of attending a game with toddlers is that you lose the conversation part of the date. It never seems I get enough chat time with Marty, but we do our best while still being the hands-on mommies we are.

I know Linus enjoyed the game. The rest of the afternoon all he wanted to do was, "Talk about the Bull, Mommy." We were lucky enough to witness a Bulls' home run before leaving the ballpark. For those of you not in the know (or who haven't seen Bull Durham), there's a great big Bull in left field that has eyes that light up, a nose that steams, and a tail that moves whenever the Bulls hit a home run. Linus was fascinated by it, and could not stop talking about it.

So, whether your date is a devilishly handsome 30-something or a two sweet little tow heads, there's lots of fun to be had at the DBAP.

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Heidi said...

Uncle Drew's going to love this one. Nothing like a day at the ballpark!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

We have a minor league team in our town too--cheap fun (you have to go on buck night) and a great time every time (except when it rains).

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Of course, if I hadn't been stuffing my face with popcorn, we could have talked more too.

Thanks for the date. Can't wait to see you guys again!