Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Rose-colored 70's

Thanks to Cool Mom Picks, I have a new addiction. I am seriously addicted and you can't make me stop. 

I'd like you to meet Hipstamatic. It's a fun little $1.99 app for the iPhone. It's a simple application that turns your phone's camera into a throwback from your childhood. Now you too can snap pictures of your kids that look like the rose-colored shots of your photo albums. No longer do you have to concern yourself with what that giant trail of snot will look like when amplified in super high definition by your fancy DSLR. With Hipstamatic, everything comes out slightly blurry, slightly off-color, and super funky.

Check it out.

Although I know you'll be addicted, don't be afraid to let your kiddos have a go. Linus spent at least 20 minutes running around our yard snapping photos.


corrie said...

I may have to get this! I saw your FB pics from the baseball game yesterday, and I was wondering what effect you had used on the photos -- wondered if you were photoshopping or something. Very cool! They all look so vintage!

Andrea said...

Yet another reason Verizon needs the iphone! Love your pics!

Kelly Jernigan said...

These are so great! I had heard about this app, and now must purchase :) I adore the one of you & Linus with your tongues out

Miche said...

Oh fun! Love them :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, if I had an iphone, I'd totally get that. V. cool.