Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bedtime Requests

Being like his mother, Linus spends quite a while in his crib downloading the day before falling asleep at night. It's usually happy little chirps addressed to pink kitty, Bert, or giraffe pillow. Occasionally, he does require some intervention. It may be to retrieve a friend who slipped between the bars, refill a water cup, or spread out a blanket. It usually never requires much time. The other night, however, he had a few different requests.

Call Back #1: "Daddy, I have issues."

Call Back #2: "Daddy, how do you skate on a skateboard?"


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I am giggling. He is FUNNY!

Mom said...

hilarious! not only the download...just like you and your Dad...but also the questions just like you and your Dad.......the most frequent was and still is for Dad "what are we doing tomorrow?" Just like Dad you want a plan! love you!

Christa said...

Daddy, I have issues?! That is hilarious! <3 it! I also love the carrier that you're wearing in your profile picture! Where did you get it?!

Miche said...

OH I love call back number 1! That is just the cutest ever.