Thursday, February 12, 2009

I've Got the Fever


  • Unusual cravings for fresh air.
  • Intense desire to frolic through meadows.
  • Feeling a strong compulsion to slip on flip flops, cotton skirts, or capri pants.
  • Sightings of tulips, daffodils, and daisies real or imagined.
  • An aversion to all things dirty, cluttered, or disorganized.
  • A unquenchable thirst for lemonade, margaritas, sangria, or iced tea.
Frequent visits to parks, playgrounds, or just your backyard, regular meals of grilled meats, vegetables, and fruits preferably eaten as a picnic, and an unending supply of Locopops, lemonade, and toddler giggles. Repeat until satisfied.


Miche said...

I think I have your fever too...It has been rainy here, but TODAY is SO PRETTY, so even though I need to catch up on work I have been outside most of the day. Ahh, bliss!

Casual Friday Everyday said...

I share that fever!


Lesha said...

Me too! I'd ask to have some Locopops sent up this way, but they'd probably melt. Oh wait. It's frigid here. They probably WOULDN'T melt, but then who wants to eat frozen treats when it's 12 degrees outside. Nevermind.

Hope you get your daises and sangria soon!

Octamom said...

It's funny--we've lived the last five years in warmer climes--so I kind of miss missing the spring! I lived for many years in areas that had four definitive seasons--so acclimating my self to Warm and Warmer as the seasonal shifts in my new locations has been interesting---

Which probably sounds a bit whiny to those of you stuck inside! ;o)


April said...

oh, i made a yummy sangria yesterday. Mmmmmmmm.

p.s. you totally forgot about blowing bubbles!!!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You and me both, sister!