Tuesday, February 03, 2009

All in the Family

Linus has a current obsession. Many times during the day, you'll hear him requesting "Mama" or "Dada". The uninitiated may assume that Linus is actually requesting his parents, but they would be wrong. Instead, he is requesting one of his favorite members of the Snow family.

The Snow family are a set of plastic light-up snowmen. They were put out as January decorations in the hopes of lessening the loss of the Christmas trees and lights Linus had come to love. Instead, they have simply become a replacement and perhaps even more of an obsession as he is able to carry the snowmen around with him.

Linus loves the Snows. He's taken them to the grocery store, requires one to snuggle throughout a diaper change, and, in a most adorable fashion, even kisses them in the morning. Of course, the best thing about the Snows is that they too are only a family of three. There's the Dada, the Mama, and the Baba all of whom Linus associates with his own little family. He will point to Mama Snow, then his mama. He will point to Baba Snow, and then at himself. He even acts out little make-believes with the Snows.

The Snows, though, like all families have brought their own stresses. Today at nap, Mama Snow was off having some alone time in the living room, and Linus absolutely refused to nap until they were all reunited as one. He just kept calling, "Mama, mama, mama" until Mama Snow was located and rejoined her nuclear unit.

It's all very cute, I'll admit. The only trouble is, what am I going to substitute when it's time to put the snow decorations away... Leprechauns?


Anonymous said...

that is too cute! why not have a leprechaun family? then a bunny family.... G/G

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on the picture for the enlarged image. I must say that's a fine mess of snot he's got on his face =) Poor kids. Having running noses and not knowing that noone wants to play with you when you move your head and snot goes flying everywhere. =P


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love that stage--everything is a family unit for them! My sons did similar things with stuffed animals...how cute.

Heidi said...

What a sweatheart!

GRUMP said...

So that's where those snow people went to. DAD