Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Potty Humor

We have a copycat on our hands. After months and months of waiting for Linus to do something along the lines of following his parent's lead, it has finally happened. He now mimics our every bathroom movement, and I don't mean brushing our teeth (though he does do that, come to think of it...). Linus has taken to wanting to sit on his little toilet any time he sees one of us sitting on ours (and by us, really, me since my hubby has yet to invite Linus in). He will even request to go sit on his potty whenever he feels a poop coming on.

And, not only will he sit there, he also lifts the lid, plops down, grunts a little, throws a washcloth or toilet paper in, closes the lid, and seeks out a flusher. I can't tell you how surprised I was to open up his little toilet one day and see a washcloth sitting in there.

We've yet to have a successful going since I never bother to remove his diaper, but that he's already grasped all of these concepts is mind-boggling. I mean, it took me at least a month to teach my husband to put the lid down.

Maybe this potty training won't be such a difficult thing after all... that is when we get around to actually doing it.


Midwest Mom said...

What a fun picture!

One of my best friends potty trained her willful daughter after she insisted (at 19 months!) that she knew how to do it! Within two weeks, she was trained!

So... it *does* happen. (Mine took just a smidge longer, though...) :D

- Julia

Lesha said...

G does the same thing, I mean he follows me into the bathroom and then wants to go potty too. Usually he wants to go before me though, which is not good since I have a bad habit of waiting a bit too long before heading to the loo. And then he sits on the toilet, demands paper, blows his nose, wants down and then flushes. He's actually pooped a few times too. I'm sort of afraid he thinks the potty is only for pooping though.

GRUMP said...

You need to get that boy a "Bike Nashbar Catalog" and see what happens then.

April said...

that's awesome! wish my kiddo would take some initiative... he screamed bloody murder when i asked him to sit on it once :-/

Sheri said...

Sounds like he is training himself like my second did. I hope the real deal goes smoothly for you whenever you make the leap.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Too sweet! The washcloth cracks me up.