Thursday, January 15, 2009

Playing House with the Ladies

Before the really cold temperatures arrive, the family decided to venture over to our local mall. After a quick run through Aldo, Nordstroms, and Williams-Sonoma, Linus was sick of being restrained. To appease him, we headed into Pottery Barn Kids where mommy could shop and Linus could play. Little did I know what kind of play he had in mind.

While in PBKids, Linus ventured over to the play kitchen. There, two elementary girls were playing side by side. One was "cooking", while the other was "eating". Linus obviously enamored with their long golden locks decided to mack on the one sitting at the table.

Sauntering over, he casually leaned against the table. Finding her taking no notice, he decided to move in closer and shine his prize winning smile and bat his big blue eyes. Still being ignored, he decided to pull out the big guns. Calmly, as if it were no big deal, he puckered up his sweet little lips, and leaned in for a kiss.

Lucky for us, Daddy saw it coming and swooped in for the block. Linus was swept away before the sweet little girl was even aware of her would-be Don Juan.

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh ho! Cassanova at large in mall! I can see the headlines now:)

BTW, I do NOT think you're wimpy for thinking that is cold weather--temperature is totally relative. Forty degrees in the fall feels a lot colder to me than forty degrees in February!