Friday, January 16, 2009

Clean Science

Lately Linus has taken a huge interest in pouring and mixing food. At meal times, he is always dripping milk from his sippy cup into his bowl of food. Usually I try not to discourage him unless the mess is getting out of hand.

Today though I not only didn't discourage him, I actually encouraged him as long as it was on my terms.

My terms:
Not actually food instead we'll use water.
In an area that is easily cleaned.
At a time that is convenient for mommy as well.

Here's how it went down. Linus awoke from his nap before I had time to dry my hair. I decided I would plunk him in the tub for some swim fun while I dried my hair. Instead of just having the usual bath, inspiration struck. While he was carefully secured in his crib, I quickly gathered up plastic containers of all kinds. I found a funnel, a large plastic cup, a empty soda bottle, a colander, a pitcher, and a ketchup squirt bottle. Tossing those in the bath, my second inspiration hit, I'd use his Crayola Color Dotz, but I wouldn't just toss them in the water. Instead, I put a red one in the ketchup squirt bottle and filled it up. Then I put a blue one in the pitcher and filled it up.

Once Linus was in the tub, he was able to pour and mix the different waters to his heart's content. It was really easy and lots of fun for him. And who knows? Maybe one day he'll even notice that the red and blue mix together to make a tub full of purple water and that will lead to a little learning.


How about you? Do you have any kid activities that happened in a burst of inspiration?


Anonymous said...

I bet he had a great time! Did you have trouble calling an end to "bath" time? What fun! gramma B.

Lesha said...

That is a brilliant use of those color dots!