Tuesday, January 13, 2009

How to Avoid the Whining

I've been in denial. I have known for a while what makes a good day for Linus.

It usually involves this...

or at least a little of this.

Sometimes even some of this will work.

He will even tolerate this,

if it results in this.

No matter what, for Linus to have a good day, he must get out. Sometimes a bit of a challenge for his homebody Mommy.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Everything for a reason, right? Linus is a good balance for your family :)

Is he facing the front now? Does he like it more than facing backwards?

Nichols Family said...

I can completely relate to you! Morgan LOVES being outside, and I am not a big fan of it. If it's cold, you won't find me outside. If it's hot, you won't find me outside. Sad to say, but so true. I know in my head that I need to get outside and expose my kids to it so that they'll become more athletic and mobile, but I can't get my body to move when my head says "GO"! I am the biggest homebody...I don't mind just sitting in my house. What would we do without our little toddlers? I think you're an AWESOME mom, Abby!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, adventures in the big world--I always felt my boys got "cooped up cabin fever" so I forced us out into the big, big world too.

Anonymous said...

He's facing forward!!! Is he happier now? Maybe likes to go for a ride? For his parents sake I hope so. Love all these pictures! gramma B.

Miche said...

My kids are the same way-and even I feel better after getting out for a bit; even though the challenge of getting them, me and all the stuff out is sometimes overwhelming..lol!

Midwest Mom said...

Right now, with temps at minus 17, my crew is going a little stir-crazy... They've got to get out in the sunshine.

We're with you, Linus! ;D


corrie said...

Oddly enough, Lily almost does better when we stay in...and I'm the one going stir crazy! Today it was just too darn cold to leave the house, and Lily had a fine day. She enjoys the park on nice days; just don't try to make her run errands, sit in the stroller, or sit in a grocery cart. She has to be free in order to be happy.