Monday, January 19, 2009

The Worry List

I am a worrier. I have always been a worrier. My worry list increased exponentially upon conception of Linus. It did not decrease in any way upon his birth. Instead one set of worries were traded for another. Here's what's on my worry list right now.

  • Anemia- Linus has tested mildly anemic at both his 12 month and 18 month appointments despite the fact that he eats a super healthy diet. He is also not a light eater so I don't know what gives. He is now taking a multivitamin with iron every day, but I worry it will be something more.
  • Expressive Language- The kiddo hasn't had much increase in his expressive language since around 12 months. This REALLY worries me though his doctor keeps reassuring me that some kids develop physically first (i.e. climbs, runs, rides a bike, etc). Think that stopped me from worrying? Think again.
  • I need to make blankets for my little nephew Jackson. I'm worried he's going to grow up before I ever get them done.
  • I haven't sent Christmas thank you notes. I worry that my relatives think I'm a horrible, ungrateful, lazy family member. I WILL get to to them sometime, I haven't forgotten.
  • Although it is over 6 months away, I'm worried about celebrating Linus's 2nd birthday while pissing off as few people as possible.
  • I'm worried President Obama won't live up to the dreams of his supporters (including me).
  • I'm pretty sure the economy is on everybody's worry list and that knowledge is if not reassuring at least comforting.
  • Hip replacement surgery is in my immediate future. I have an old cheerleading injury that bothers me often. (Yes, I was a cheerleader. Yes, you can get injuries from it. Stop laughing.)
  • That I'm not doing enough to be "green". This one is also on my guilt list.
  • I fret that my husband may have no hair remaining in 5 years because he worries too much (or because of genetics, whatever).
  • I have yet to take any steps towards placing Linus in a "Parent's Morning Out" program because I worry that his abundant energy and thirst for life might drive a non-family caregiver to hurt him.
I'm certain that this is not an all-inclusive list but if I dwell on my worries any longer, I may need to curl up in the corner for a while and then the groceries won't get bought.


So, what's on your worry list? Please tell me that I'm not the only one with a list a mile long. What do you do to keep forging ahead amongst all these worries?


nikki said...

I understand - I'm a major worrier, too, always have been, but even I was shocked at how the level of worry has escalated since having a baby.

I'm sorry to hear about your hip replacement surgery! And dude, of COURSE you can hurt yourself cheerleading. It's intense. And I can't even do a cartwheel without practically breaking my neck, so no laughing from me.

abbyjess said...

Thanks Nikki. I'm glad to know I'm not the only worrier and that my level of worrying isn't freakish.

Ok, so I exaggerated a little on the hip thing. I do have an old hip injury that has recently been aggravated with all the baby carrying, but I haven't actually even seen a doctor about it. It's just killing me (like can't sleep killing me). Maybe I should see a doctor and at least lay that one worry to rest.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Everyone worries! Worry is a normal stress reaction, just misplaced because it's a reaction/anticipation of stressful events that haven't happened yet. The anticipation element makes it counterproductive because the things we worry about may not ever happen (but even if they do, the worrying generally doesn't help us cope with them). There's your therapist mumbo jumbo for the day! :)

I worry about all sorts of things: running out of money, never having money, not doing things I'd like to do in my life because we don't have money. Um, maybe I just worry about money. All the time. ;)

As far as the little guy, though, I'm sure you can find a place for him. He is energetic, and also so kind and sweet and loving! I think the kids that are difficult for childcare workers are the ones who have the energy and haven't had the guidance to channel it - so they end up biting, spitting in your face, pulling your hair, kicking, and calling you awful names. I'm having flashbacks to my SED childcare experience, though, and Linus is nothing at all like that.

Now, go get a spa treatment!

nikki said...

Even the most pesky medical issues are so easy to delay, aren't they? Of course, sometimes there's a good reason. My husband has a weird foot problem that will need surgery someday - on both feet - but it would cost a ton right now with our crappy student insurance, and it won't get worse if we wait a few years till he's out of grad school. I do worry about him, though, because if we ignored it for too long it would definitely get a lot worse.

Definitely, see a doctor. And let us know if you'll be laid up recovering so we can all bring you meals to freeze. :)

Heidi said...

Add me to your worry club! I agree - I was guilty before and am even more so since Jackson arrived (in utero!) I can tell myself all sorts of logical reasons why not to worry, but it doesn't do a bit of good. My only saving grace is I married someone as cool as a cucumber so he tends to bring me back to a place of reason when necessary.

Drew always tells me there are 2 things not worth worrying about:

1. Things you can't control
2. Things involving what other people might think.

If you follow that guidance, perhaps you can cross off a few things from your list (i.e. Christmas thanks you's, b-day party, blankets for Jackson, Obama, etc.) In my case, often my worries are pressures I put on myself that others really don't notice (i.e fretting over the perfect centerpiece or place setting or outfit or gift...)

As far as worries about our kids, I say those are fair game. We're mothers's part of the job.

Lesha said...

Oh, the worries. Usually my minute to minute ones are along the lines of "Will G get through dinner without a fit" and "Will G cooperate during bedtime tonight". Of course I have worries on a grander scale (Will our NC house ever actually sell and will my husband EVER find a job in PA so we can actually live together again. Am I doing irreversable harm to G by living so far from his daddy right now?)

Yah. Go Worry. I'll make a worry cheer for you even. Cause yah, I was a cheerleader too! And I injured myself as well. Broke a finger on one of the guy cheerleaders chest when I fell wrong from a stunt.

W-O-RRIE-(D), Worried, Worried, Worried. That's ME!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Ah, worrying about our kids is such a common thing--I worry most about Mr. T--he seems to struggle SO much between the seizure meds, the dyslexia and his emotional ups and downs. I thank God I have the other 2 kids to balance out my concerns.

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

I'm worried that I don't worry enough.

abbyjess said...

Marty, I think you should start offering classes in The Art of Zen Mothering. You're always so cool and calm. I hate that about you-jk. :)

Heidi, I have no idea how Drew came from parents like ours with such a calm and collected outlook on life. You two balance each other perfectly whereas sometimes Adrian and I only add to each other's worries.

GG, I know your worrying right now. I pray things will only get better for Mr. T.

Lesha, Things will turn around soon. They have to.

Nikki, You are too sweet. Maybe I will have elective surgery (nose job?) in order to get some yummy meals I don't have to cook. :)