Thursday, December 04, 2008

Confessions of a Work-at-Home Dad

This is my husband. Ain't he cute?

Just don't stand too closely to him because that's the outfit he was wearing last night. See the thing is, though, that picture was taken Tuesday after he'd worn his jammies all day. Ew!

I'll put up with the stinky pajamas, though, as long as he keeps changing the diapers.


William said...

This was me yesterday (and many days since Benaiah came home) minus the 5 o'clock shadow -- or is that 2 o'clock :-) . In fact, I was on the phone with Adrian yesterday telling him that since it was now 5PM, it was time to get a shower and get dressed (meaning me). I LOVE working at home.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I love that he has the courage to wear those jammies AND the crocs:)

corrie said...

This is a familiar sight at our house, too. At least I finally convinced Bill to wear pants, after one too many episodes of one of my family members dropping by to be greeted by Bill in boxers. Among the three of us, we're doing well to have one bathed person by 3:00.

Anonymous said...

Tell Adrian it looks to me like he STILL hasn't gotten a haircut since before the marathon!! Use my motto!!! Just DO IT!! your mom! But I still love him!!!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Terry, I hope Nike is paying you some good money for coming up with that slogan ;)

One day not too long ago, Jonathan wore the most wrinkly pants ever to work. And then I later find out that the day he wore the horrible pants (I didn't have time to iron) was the day that he went around to a bunch of peoples' offices installing stuff for them. Good grief!

Susan said...

I was going to make fun of William, but I see that he has already outed himself! Today, he did get an earlier shower before he put his clean sweats on!