Friday, December 05, 2008

Hey Everybody, It's Cranky Day!

With so many happy, happy mothers I know and so many "loving every minute of it" mommy bloggers I read, this is really hard for me to admit. (deep breath) Here goes: There are days I HATE being a mom. Days that I just loathe the thought of having to take care of my own kid.

These days aren't even just days where he's whiny or fussy. They can be completely average toddler days. So, in the spirit of my crank, here are five things I miss about my carefree, child-free days.

1. Ability to just run out and get something- You know, errands used to not involve loading someone in and out of the carseat while he screams and fusses. Then hauling that same person on my hip while he flails forward and backwards daring me to drop him.

2. Not being tethered to the house at 7PM- Linus goes to bed at 7 and although I'm glad for this, sometimes it would be nice to be able to stay out after dark even if it's just to get groceries.

3. Eating a breakfast without being screamed at- Linus demands (via screaming) more food the second he has shoved his last bite into his mouth. Breakfast usually involves a lot of screaming and you must watch closely for when the screams change from demands for more to demands to get down. This usually happens sometime after he's eaten a banana, an orange, a cup of milk, 4 pieces of french toast, a hardboiled egg, and the breakfast I've given up on.

4. Not having to fight someone for control of the vacuum, broom, duster, etc.- Cleaning house is definitely not one of my favorite things so actually having to fight someone to let me do it usually sends me off.

5. Getting dressed in clothing other than sweats, wearing make-up, styling my hair- I realize that's three but they all go together. In the mornings, I have from about 7:25 (when Adrian takes Linus) until 7:55 (when Adrian asks if I'm coming to breakfast) to get ready for the day. Since showering and drying my hair takes about 20 minutes, that leaves only 10 minutes for brushing my teeth, making the bed, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, and intervening in any daddy/baby crises. That is why putting on make-up, adding jewelry, or choosing an outfit is rarely something I have time to do. If I do put on regular clothes, it is usually done while Linus entertains himself by destroying my bedroom.

I guess, in typical mommy-style, I should sum up this post by saying "I wouldn't change it for the world" and I guess that's true, but the truth is some days I wish I could just change it for a day or two.

Here's to an upcoming weekend away with my husband and no Linus. Let's hope it rejuvenates me. However, if Adrian dares to tell me he misses Linus after less than 24 hours, I WILL smack him. I don't need the guilt of not feeling the same way ruining my weekend.


Heidi said...

Enjoy your weekend away guilt free - you certainly deserve it.

Jackson's not even here yet, but I can relate slightly. When contemplating working or staying at home after his birth I felt horribly guilty that in my gut I have no desire to be a stay at home mom. At first that seemed so "un-motherly" of me, but now I realize that for me (and everyone is different) I will be a better mom to him by being true to myself and some of my needs as well.

I'm sure I will have days that I long to be at home, just as you have days that you would love to get away. It only makes you human.

So live it up, enjoy a romantic few days with Adrian and know that Linus is in good hands. The 3 of you will appreicate each other even more after this little break!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

It makes sense, really. I mean you guys haven't really had a night with just you in, let's see... 1 year, 4 months, and 22 days.

You totally deserve time away from the monkey! And you totally get to enjoy it and not feel guilty at all.

Cheers to normal human feelings that it takes courage to admit in our perfect parenting culture :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you and Adrian have a wonderful time away. Don't ever feel guilty for doing something for yourselves. Time away from your children makes you a better parent. Jason and I try to get away once a year for 2-3 days without the kids. It rejuvenates us and gets us ready to tackle them again upon our return. Parenting is stressful enough without the added guilt. Go have fun.

Anonymous said...

BTW, that was Jeannie who left the last comment. Sorry, I forgot to post my name. That would be due to my mommy brain, or lack of brain cells. (haha)

Midwest Mom said...

Oh, Abby, we all have those days! (Even if we don't write about them...)

My husband took me away for my first overnight on the Friday after Thanksgiving. (My oldest is seven.) It was a dream. The kids stayed at our house with Grandma and Grandpa as babysitters and we took a full 24 hour 'vacation.' I needed it so badly, it's hard to describe.

I hope you truly enjoy your little 'getaway'. Motherhood is such a 24-7 job. Jack Bauer couldn't handle some of the "24"s that we do!

Hope you have a terrific weekend.

Miche said...

Hahha, I had one of those days last night, as my childless friends called to say they were going to a bar to hang out, would I like to come? At the time, I was washing poop off a diaper and trying to keep my toddler out of the toliet....and REALLY wished I could drop it all to go hang out with friends I hadn't seen in forever.

But, this morning, my little guy made it all better by saying "wuv you, mom-eeee" And then the baby spit up all over me...

ahh the yo yo of mommyhood...hahahah!

corrie said...

I want to hear how the weekend went! Was it long enough to make you feel refreshed? My birthday is coming up, and I'm hoping for maybe a whole day (or most of a day) off from mommyhood. Or rather, I'd like to be like a celebrity mom for a day, where I can see my angel, read her a story, and kiss her on the head, then send her off with the "nanny" (aka Bill) for feeding, diaper changes, carseat fights, grocery store run, etc. No wonder Angelina Jolie is pregnant with her seventh.

Susie said...

There are the days (weeks) that I would love to just find a switch to shut my kids off and put them away so I don't have to be"on" anymore. A bit of check out time is necessary for everyone and usually the last thing we make a priority.

CC said...


This is exactly why I like working outside of the home!