Monday, October 27, 2008

Secrets of Motherhood

I have a little secret to confess. Do you promise not to tell? My husband changes more diapers than I do.

It's not an accident. I plan it that way. You see, my husband is a work-at-home dad who just happens to come down to see his sweet and adoring family on a pretty predictable schedule. A schedule that if finagled just so can align fairly well with Linus's diaper changing schedule.

Add to that the fact that since he thinks I change most of the diapers during the weekdays, he takes diaper duty in the mornings, evenings, and on the weekends. And well, when it's all said and done, that leaves me with only the occasional stinky, immediate need ones and a few when a phone conference runs long.

It's really great, I'll admit, having a husband that works from home AND really doesn't mind diaper duty. All these diaper changes almost makes up for the extra mess of having him around all the time... almost.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You? Are brilliant.

Nichols Family said...

Oh, that is too funny! I have been known to pull the, "I had to change them for 6 months while you were in Iraq" card, but that gets old after a while and I just get "the look". The other day I heard one of the boys say, "Morgan's poopy" and I ran outside so that Jamie was stuck changing it! Bad, right? She has no interest in potty training, so poopy diapers are not my friend right now! But it is easier than fighting, sweating, and steaming over it. Has Adrian caught on or does he read the blog and realize he's been targeted? If he doesn't know, I won't tell!

Adrian said...

I'm well aware of the diapering situation. I don't complain, because it counts as one more check in the 'keep Daddy around' column.