Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Still a Favorite

The first toy Linus ever took an interest in was an elephant Fadoozle that his Gram got him. He could hold onto his Elroy* when all other toys were still too big. Of course, he ended up with one of each kind of Fadoozle.

While out piddling around yesterday, Linus and I decided to venture into Tuesday Morning where we discovered these giant ones. We were both excited and took home both a Lionel* lion and a Percy* pig. Just as he has grown now so have his "friends".


In other news, there was no 1 year Well-Child Check-up today. There was a wasted hour at the doctor's office though. After sitting in the waiting room for half an hour, we were called back to room. I placed Linus on the exam table and prepared to strip him down as usual when the nurse said, "Before you do that, we have a problem we need to discuss." What?!?!

Immediately, my mind ran through numerous absurd ideas. Do they think he's not growing well? Did they discover something horrific in his file? Do they know I've been researching vaccines and they're gonna kick us out? Meanwhile, Adrian's only thought was "How much do we owe now?"

Fortunately, it was none of these. Instead, the staff member who scheduled our appointment apparently didn't know that a 1 year check-up can't take place before the baby is one year (for billing reasons) and the 1 year vaccines can't be given before a baby is actually one year old. Since Linus fell 11 days short of one year, they needed us to reschedule. This is easier said than done as most appointments need to be booked at least 6 weeks in advance. Therefore, Linus is now scheduled to have his 1 year check-up on August 13th when he will be 13 months old. I was a little bit peeved. The good news though is that his regular doctor will be back from maternity leave so we'll be seeing her.

[*Names Mommy created for the Fadoozles. Not actual company names.]


Kelly Jernigan said...

I know you must have been SO frustrated at the doctor...would have been nice if they called you when they discovered this problem. In the meantime, when Wyatt has his check-up I will ask about the "compulsive eating" issue & share my findings :)

Lesha said...

I can totally sympathize! This happened with G and his flu shots. They had to be "x" many weeks apart and the girl scheduled the visit too soon. Of course I sat around in the waiting room, and then the exam room and ended up wasting a good 45 minutes just sitting (AND trying to entertain a bored 10 month old without letting him play with the icky exam room toys!) before they figured out their mistake. UGH!

Heidi said...

Oh, those giant fadoozles are too cute to be true! I might have to search for those. :) And look how grown up Linus looks compared to the first picture. Where did the time go?