Monday, June 30, 2008

Lil' Squirt

No, it's not his birthday yet but Gram told us to go ahead and start using this birthday present.

Today we finally got all the hoses hooked up and were able to try it out.

When we first got it going, the water pressure was too high and it created a shower-like environment. Linus was just sitting there getting squirted in the face. Instead of moving, he just took it. After a bit though, he began looking distressed and was pulled out. Daddy turned the pressure down and Linus hopped back in.

He absolutely loved it. He splashed around, played in the squirts, and crawled in and out and back in. The one thing I didn't count on was how wet I would be. Otherwise, I would have put on a swimsuit. Every time Linus crawled out, he pushed the edge down and flooded my blanket. Then as if I wasn't wet enough, he'd come over and climb up in my lap. I, too, had to change out of my wet clothes afterward.

We had a blast. Thanks Gram and Grump.


Anonymous said...

oh what a fun way to cool off! Have fun little man. gramma B.

Drea said...

one step ahead has such cool stuff! that is adorable!