Wednesday, May 28, 2008

She Wore What?

Over at Adventures in Babywearing (a blog I read daily), Steph is asking everyone to show off their babywearing stash. Now, I definitely don't have what could be called a stash but I do love babywearing. I have been wearing Linus since my good friend Gina introduced me to its calming wonders.

Linus was a very colicky baby. I didn't know he was colicky until I ventured to a mommy-baby exercise class and realized that no one else's baby was fussing through the entire hour long session even with a full belly and clean pants. No one else had to stop at the beginning of the session to quickly swaddle their young-un. In desperation, I turned to my friend Gina who quickly loaned me a wrap. She showed me how to secure Linus to my chest, and suddenly I had a happy baby.

As a beginner, I didn't know any other ties to use the wrap as Linus grew older. So, I moved onto the Baby Bjorn. This worked okay though not as fantastic as I was led to believe. The Bjorn definitely worked better for my hubby then it did for this voluptuous mommy. I mean, I was already toting around all my boob weight, adding Linus was quite a burden on my back. It was a good thing we only paid $19.99 full price for our Bjorn at Target (a pricing error that lasted for weeks.)

As Linus grew older and started napping for more than 20 minutes at a time, I began blogging. That's when I stumbled onto Adventures in Babywearing. Steph recommends buying a ring sling if you are new to babywearing or if you want only one type of carrier. She was definitely right. I love my Nest ring sling. It has definitely paid for itself over and over. I take it everywhere. I could go on and on about my sling love but I've already done that here.

So that's my stash. Not very elaborate, but I guarantee it will be growing. Next up, I want one of these for the beach and one of these just because. Plus maybe I'll finally buy the hubby his own ring sling so he doesn't have to deal with my girly print. (Selfish Reason: It would stop him from messing it up when I have mine fitted just right.)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

You look great!! Your wrap is so pretty, too!


Mama C-ta said...

Hey I recognize that Cherry Bomb sling ;) I really like that wrap too. I didn't have a huge stash, like many of the people I know but I definitely had my variety and my favorites!

(Thanks for stopping by)

loving green said...

jaden was not a babywearing kid, but maddox loves it, i have everything from a sling, bjorn, moby wrap, hotsling, and ergo... i think i have as many slings as i do strollers!?!?!?!?!?
hope all is well with you guys!
sam :)

canape said...

I just got my babyhawk today. So far, Bird doesn't love it. He's still a little small though.

I love your wrap!