Wednesday, May 28, 2008

At Least for Now

We had a visit to the eye doctor today. Not for me but for Linus. And the best part, it was free.

A little known (at least to me) public health program for infants is the InfantSEE vision screening program. InfantSEE is a public health program designed to ensure that eye and vision care becomes an integral part of infant wellness care to improve a child's quality of life. Participating doctors provide a comprehensive vision assessment for free on children under the age of 1.

Linus had his appointment today and aside from being slightly far-sighted (normal for his age), he was healthy and well. His exam consisted of tracking a pin light, peripheral vision testing, observations through lenses, a test to check the alignment of his eyes, and dilation. He was able to sit on my lap through the entire exam and the doctor even let him play with the lens holder. Dr. Rosenstein did say that Linus's far-sightedness (again, completely normal) is sure to reverse since both of his parents are near-sighted. My guess is he'll need glasses before leaving elementary school.

Dr. Rosenstein was fantastic with Linus as was his staff. One of the receptionist held Linus so I could complete the paperwork easier and they encouraged him to crawl and explore the entire lobby. Dr. Rosenstein went over all his findings with me, sat and chatted with us for most of the dilation waiting period, and definitely made Linus feel comfortable before any examining. I think we will be using Rosenstein Eye Center for all our future eye care needs.

Oh, and I would have gotten a fantastic picture of Linus in the chair except I had a memory card-free camera with me. Oh well.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Awww little Linus with glasses! Not yet, but the idea is cute. Then again, I kinda love glasses. Probably because I've never had them. :)

Adrian said...

That's exactly why you love them. Have you seen the dork out pictures of all of us from around the fourth grade? We've had some ugly frames that have made for some killer school photos.

Don't forget the joys of waking up to a blur of a world and getting your squint on.

corrie said...

Interesting--I was not aware of that program. I guess Lily's too old now. She didn't inherit any better genes when it comes to vision--two very nearsighted parents. Oh well, I bet Linus and Lily will be darling in glasses!

Nan Lujan said...

Can't you take a few picture sans memory card? Mine has internal storage... Try it sometime and see -- then you copy the pics to your memory card once it's in there and delete them out of your internal storage.