Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Well, That's One Way...

Linus pulls himself up to the standing position via what has to be the most difficult route. I say this because I don't think I could get to the standing position this way.

How To Stand Up by Linus
1. Lay down on your belly.
2. Reach up to an object that is a reasonable height (about 2 ft tall)
3. Using your arms, pull your upper body up until you have arched your back as far as it will go. ( Similar to the cobra pose, but with arms hanging on to piece of furniture above you.)
4. At the point that your back won't bend anymore, you should be on your knees. Walk forward on your knees.
5. Once upright on knees, pull up to standing.

This is how he does it every time. He will not pull up from a sitting position even if I place him in the ideal location.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Maybe he's just working on getting some killer arms? I'm pretty sure I couldn't do it either though.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he will be his "own man"! The attitude "I will do it my way" Good luck! But he is still precious! gramma B.