Thursday, May 01, 2008

Love Thursday

'Love Thursday' is one of the themes over at Shutter Sisters, a fantastic photography blog. Today I actually have something that works. Check out more photos over there.

The bleeding heart has always been one of my favorite plants in my mother's gorgeous yard. I remember helping her plant the bed that this is part of. My mom's yard is so full of beauty, that I used to dream of being married in its backyard.

Of course, my dream came true and I did get married a mere 10 feet from this plant. Today, nearly 7 years later, I am able to share the beauty and memories of this place with my son and there is nothing more special than that.


melanie said...

gorgeousity! love it. I had never seen a 'bleeding heart' before. thank you for sharing :)

FireMom said...

I've seen quite a few pictures of these this week but never with my own eyes! :)

I have a flower post today, too! Happy Love Thursday!

Janet said...

bleeding hearts are so pretty as this gorgeous photo shows :-)

Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh how beautiful!


ASKNE said...

Thanks for the absolutely stunning photo...I love her website and found myself on it for a very long time! Wish I had more of a photographer's eye. Very beautiful!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I'm having withdrawals! Time for a new post! Come on, it's not like you guys have been living the jet-set lifestyle lately or anything... ;)