Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Three Across Kansas

Our travels through Kansas are only 50% complete and I have finally found time to write about what we've been doing.

Our adventures began with a visit to the paternal grandparents in Wichita. There, we ventured along with Aunt Chelsea and Uncle Jonathan to the Sedgwick County Zoo. We were treated to a personal tour with the Senior Veterinarian, Dr. Bryant. It was quite a treat to hear many behind the scenes stories of life at the zoo. Of course, Linus's favorite part was the petting zoo where his mommy cautiously allowed him to touch a baby lamb. She, of course, held his hand in a death grip afterward until she could get him to a sink. We're pretty sure that Linus enjoyed the experience more than the lamb who instead of receiving a nice petting got a fur grab. It bleated and ran away after its encounter with Linus. Mommy's favorite part of the visit to Grandma and Grandpa's was the free time. There was rarely a moment where someone wasn't offering to play with or hold Linus. This allowed Mommy time to start and finish a really fun book, Remember Me and she did so in the relaxing comfort of a porch swing. Ahh... heaven.

On Sunday, it was time to say our goodbyes to the Wichita kin and head to Mommy's tiny hometown for a visit with Gram and Grump. Of course a visit with Gram and Grump also includes a visit with Tess, the golden retriever. Linus has loved playing with Tess. He giggles and kicks every time she is near. She reciprocates the feeling by running circles around and around thus exciting each other more and more. The weather has been fairly chilly, but with the warmer temperatures today, Gram and Mommy stuck Linus in the wagon and headed off on a walk hoping to meet Grumps on his way home from work. The stroll was successful and Grumps took over the pulling just in time to climb a large hill. We still have a few more days at Gram and Grumps and with warmer weather on the way, we hope to get even more time outside.

As for the rest of our trip, we will be heading to Larry-town (Jayhawk country) to celebrate the impending marriage of Uncle Austin and Soon-to-Be-Aunt Kate as well as spend some quality time with Uncle Drew, Aunt Heidi, and Cousin Ruby the Lab. It should be fun.


abbyjess said...

I forgot to mention the one experience that may have competed for best in Linus's mind... wind chimes. He actually fussed to be taken over to play with them.

amy said...

glad you enjoyed it! don't you just wish that sophie kinsella/madeleine wickham would churn out books more quickly?

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Hooray for posting! Of course Kansas weather hasn't been very cooperative, but tomorrow should be nice. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Austin and Kate for decent weather on Saturday!