Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sleepy Head and Pet Adoption

It's kind of ironic that while I write this latest post about how Linus doesn't sleep, he is asleep. But, it's not that he doesn't sleep at night (he does), it's that he doesn't sleep during the day. Today he slept 2 times for 40 minutes each. Once at 8:45AM and then again at 3:15PM. I spent most of the time in between trying to get him to sleep. It's as though he doesn't want to miss a thing. Whenever I sit down in the rocking chair to soothe him, his eyes immediately become wide and he suddenly has an amazing ability to arch his back, hold his head up, and look around. However, the lack of sleep is causing Linus and Mommy to be pretty cranky.

In other news, we are still torn over the issue of adopting Mr. P. We actually found out on Friday that we might not even have the choice. If the shelter decides he is not adoptable, then it is off to the incinerator for him. When we were in, they had him marked as scared. Of course he's scared, he's in the shelter! Anyway, he is given a total of 5 business days to present himself as adoptable. It is horrible because Adrian and I did what we thought was best (and legally required) and handed him over to the shelter. (Thank goodness we didn't know the rules when Eliza showed up.) We never thought that a cat we call Mr. P (P for personality) would ever be deemed not adoptable. And, even if he is deemed adoptable, with all the kittens the shelter is overwhelmed with, why would anyone take a 1 year old cat. We really don't want 3 cats but also don't feel like we can just let them end his life.

I know that animal shelters serve a noble purpose, but I just wish there wasn't a need for them. Why can't people take care of their animals? Why can't people get their pet fixed? The shelter is a really depressing place. I'm gonna cross that one off my list of possible places to volunteer.

Anyone want to adopt a cat? Anyone?


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Any no-kill shelters in the area?

aa_bartel said...

Unfortunately, we didn't have the foresight to think of finding a no-kill shelter. Being rules-followers, we did what's required by law (contact animal control) although it may not end up being best for the kitty. I think he'll be around longer than five days, but it is difficult to imagine that he'll be adopted because of the VAST number of other animals at the shelter.