Tuesday, November 06, 2007

3 is a Magic Number

The deed is done. Wednesday and Eliza now have a brother on the way. Today we completed the paperwork to adopt Mr. P (not sure if this name is permanent). We really didn't feel like we wanted a third cat but couldn't stand to see such a friendly cat left unadopted. He will be coming home an it in 3-5 business days barring any complications. In the mean time, he will receive his vaccinations and work on overcoming the kennel cough he picked up.

The final decision was made when the cat specialist at the kennel flipped him over on his back and he nearly fell asleep in her arms. Mom and Dad always said that is how you know a cat is a good cat. (Thanks Mom and Dad.)


Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you are starting a "cat house" Good luck! Terry

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Jonathan said that the title of your page is missing an "n"

That is all. - Jonathan