Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Frighteningly Cute!

We hosted the Halloween edition of mommy-baby playdate this afternoon. All the babies came dressed in their festive wear. Linus was a skeleton, Madeline was a ballerina, Hayli wore a Halloween onesie (having refused her costume), Gavin was a bee, Wyatt was a pea pod, and Catherine was a Duke cheerleader.

The house was decorated with pumpkins, crows, and other frights. Adrian and I made many treats for everyone to eat. The menu included mummy dogs, bat-shaped tortilla chips, apples with caramel, and graveyard bone cookies. It was quite a spread and took a lot of planning to have everything ready while still meeting Linus's needs, but we managed.

In other news, we had two stray cats show up in our backyard on Monday. One had been hanging around for a while so I decided to try to befriend it in order to try to get it to the shelter. However, when I was outside talking and calling to it, around the corner ran another cat. Both were super skinny and obviously stray. Adrian, having learned his rabies lesson, called the shelter. They said they would come and get them, but were so overwhelmed with other issues that they didn't make it out until Tuesday. By then, our neighbor, who must have thought us horrible for calling the shelter, took the one that had been hanging around in our yards. The other tried very hard to win his way into Adrian's heart. Adrian despondently handed him over to animal control for transport to the shelter. He plans to check in and make sure he is adopted. If not, we may be adopting, or at least fostering, a new cat.

We also want to wish everyone happy Halloween. We tried to send out cards but every time we had Linus in his costume, he was miserably cranky and we didn't really get any good shots until it was too late. There are some pics on Flickr, though, for your enjoyment.

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