Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fundamental Five

It seems as though almost everyone I know is pregnant, adopting, or celebrating the arrival of a little one. There are showers happening or being planned everywhere I look.

With all this baby growing going on, it's got me thinking about what things I found indispensable during Linus's early days. So, I thought it would be fun to create a list of my indispensables and then have all of you readers do the same using Mr. Linky*.

Top 5 Infancy Must-Haves

  • Ring Sling- My Nest sling remains my baby transporter of choice. Why wrestle with a stroller when you can just slide baby in the sling and have him close and secure? (One advantage to a ring sling over a pocket sling is the ability to adjust as baby grows bigger.)
  • Booster Seat- Our house is small. We barely have room for the table and chairs in our kitchen none the less a big old high chair. That's why a booster seat that attaches to a chair has been a lifesaver. Plus, since it is easily transportable, we take it everywhere food will be eaten. Linus is guaranteed a sanitary and secure place to eat. It's even great for squeezing into 2-person tables since Linus brings his own table along.
  • Swaddle Blankets- All new parents quickly learn that a swaddled baby is a happy baby. That's why investing in some swaddling blankets before baby's arrival is a good idea. We were lucky to have homemade "grandma" blankets but there are some fantastic products on the market if you want to purchase.
  • Sleep Sacks- Once baby no longer requires swaddling OR over the swaddling in colder environments, a sleep sack is a must. Babies shouldn't be left with loose blankets and toddlers can't manage to remain covered so sleep sacks are a good investment. Linus is in one right now. It keeps him toasty therefore he remains sleeping which is definitely a good thing. I can almost guarantee that Linus will be sleeping in a sack until there are no longer sacks to fit. And now with Halo making larger toddler sizes, he may be sacked until kindergarten.
  • Sound Machine- It may not work for all babies, but Linus was definitely soothed by white noise. When his parents were almost faint from shushing, the sound machine was a welcome relief. To this day, the sound machine signals sleepy time to him and it also blocks out noise when mommy and daddy have guests over. We started with a cheap battery-powered freebie but have since moved up to a plug-in (battery optional), never dead one.

    Bonus Reading Material: The one book of the nearly 30 we I read, that was most used was "The Happiest Baby on the Block" by Harvey Karp.

    So there you have it. The 5 items we found indispensable in surviving and thriving with a newborn. Now, all I have to do is decide which item(s) to give as shower gifts.

    Now, it's your turn. What's in your top 5?


[*Note: Mr. Linky is new to my blog but simple to use. Just type in a user name (it can be anything) and then add the link to your post on this topic. Simple.]


Amy said...

1. Swaddling blankets (especially ones made by my mom *grin*) that are large enough to get a good wrap on long or squirmy babies... the ones in the stores are just too small and/or flimsy
2. A comfortable rocking chair or glider... you spend so much time in it during the wee hours of the morning, it had better be comfortable!
3. Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe booster seat... no need for a high chair and it's so easy to take along to restaurants
4. A baby backpack or carrier... We have the Evenflo Snugli Front and Back Pack Carrier. I think it's awesome (and am still using it).
5. Cloth diapers... these are great for things other than just covering up a baby's bum: large & absorbent burp rags, protection for surfaces during diaper changes, playing peek-a-boo, wiping up all that dribbling drool, stuffing in your bra at night to soak up the leaks, etc.

Books: Happiest Baby on the Block (although I'd like to see it condensed to a booklet -- very repetitive for a book); Baby 411; Board books showing baby sign language... Not only do they show pictures of actual babies/toddlers, there are also pictures of everyday items to help associate the signs to the words/items. We have the ones by Acredolo and Goodwyn.

Drea said...

ahh yes.. a ring sling is a must! i totally agree :-)
the beco's rock 2.. I just got one and im in love again.

Anonymous said...

Love the Halo line and glad you wrote about it! and ours too will be swaddled until college....hmmmm, wonder if they make sleepsacks my size?! :) I also used the Halo sleepsack swaddle - it is a two in one, because the swaddle wings come off so you can use that when the startle relex is bugging your baby but then they come off and you have one of their nifty sleepsacks - bang for you buck!