Thursday, October 25, 2007

Parenting Tip #439

Plan to read all sleep habit books before becoming pregnant. If you are planning on becoming pregnant in the next 5 years, begin reading now. You will need at least that much time to dig your way through the 400+ pages in both the Ferber and Weissbluth books. You'd think that as self-proclaimed "sleep experts", they might have realized that an already sleep-deprived parent would have a hard time just getting through these very dull books none the less comprehending them.

I wonder if they come in Cliffs Notes?!?!


Cheetah said...

The Cliffnotes question is serious.

Anonymous said...

I hate to break the news to you kids, but there is no fast rule for ANY baby on sleep habits, or getting them to sleep when you want them to. They can write all the books they want but every single baby is different (aren't we thankful for that?).

Chelsea said...

No cliffnotes, I double-checked. I read some blurbs on the Ferber book and I'm intrigued about the psychology of the "cry-it-out method." There seems to be some hard evidence backing the method up, as difficult as it seems from the perspective of a non-parent here. Hmmm. I'll learn what works from you guys :) (and then probably have a kid for whom none of the same things work). Good luck reading!