Monday, January 10, 2011

In which I fail to stick to a deadline

So I was supposed to have a video review of a kids game all ready to go for today. But since I'm me, I don't. I tried. Really. Sorta. This feels a lot like college.

I got as far as assaulting my son with a video camera immediately after his nap and trying to badger him into playing a game with me. Any other day he would most likely have been enthusiastic, but he hadn't yet shaken off the sleep.

Paparazzi (HA!)
Boundless enthusiasm
On top of that, recording video is haaard. Pushing the big red button is dead simple, but the rest, not so much. Actually standing in front of the camera is surprisingly difficult when you're both the subject and cinematographer. Ultimately, the trick seems to be recording video that a) other people are supposed to want to watch and b) the videographer is not supposed to be embarrassed of. Both lofty goals. And both which I think I failed at the first go around.

I am still planning on cobbling something together out of the short amount of trainwreck footage that I captured, and hope that this gets a little easier in the future.


Still not a review, but it's something. The dog ate my homework.


corrie said...

Now I REALLY want to see this video, Adrian! But, until then, I just want to say that I love your curtains, Abby.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Too funny how he keeps interrupting! "Don't talk about that!" His little voice cracks me up.

@sweetbabboo said...

Hey Corrie,

I got those curtains on-sale from Anthropologie for a totally reasonable price. I LOVE them. They are luxurious.

They're still available. Here's the link.

I've seriously become an Anthropologie sales stalker. Once they mark some stuff down I can splurge for it.