Monday, January 24, 2011

How to Walk Away from a Sponsored Blogging Event with a Great Story

Alternatively titled: Party Foul

Step 1 - Attend event with whole family in tow despite napless day and potential "late" night.

Step 2 - Stuff napless three year old FULL of his favorite Noodles & Company meal - macaroni and cheese with tofu. (Don't tell me you don't eat too much when it's FREE food.)

Digging into his Noodles and Company mac and cheese with tofu.

Step 3 - Release overstuffed preschooler from confined booth and watch him run up and down aisle between booths.

Step 4 - Get the little guy REALLY excited to have his picture taken as part of the event.

Step 5 - Try to remain composed as entire contents of kiddo's stomach explodes down the front of your shirt.

Step 6 -Gather the last shreds of your dignity, your preschooler who still wants to have his picture taken, and your take-away bag full of vomit covered clothes and leave.

Step 7 - Compose your blog post, tweets of apology, and list of thank you's mentally to control gag reflex as you journey home in a noxious tank top.

Kid's got a thing or two to learn before we send him off to college.

College Party Rule #1 - Do NOT vomit on the host's floor.

And the family would like to thank --
  • The staff of the new Noodles & Company Brier Creek for not only cleaning up the wreckage but doing it with a smile and not a single look of judgment. Saintly, absolutely saintly. I only wish we could have stayed for more deliciousness.
  • My friend Kelly for being the Mom of the Year and having a spare set of pants ready in the car. Without Kelly, Linus would have been riding home in his tighty-whiteys. Brrr.
  • Carolina Mama for being so cool and understanding despite the party foul.
  • All the other mamas in attendance who were so quick with the napkins, words of reassurance, and concern for Linus. If ya have to have an embarrassing moment, you want to do it with other moms around. They totally understand.


Marketing Mama said...

I just felt so helpless. And I figure it's bound to happen to all of us at one time or another. Although, i hope it's my husband that gets the brunt of it. I am awful with vomit.

Was good to see you nonetheless and I hope the little man is feeling better.

Jessica said...

Just another badge to add to your mommy sash. I think it's wonderful how you handled it and the humor with with you have blogged about it.

CarolinaMama said...

You are the one who handled it so well. I just ran for a stack of napkins and the nice noodles guy who made it neat and clean in no time! Wish I could have given You a clean outfit to change into. I was shaking my head wondering how I survived the Tigers' first nine years without this happening ... yet. ;). Great to see you! And glad he is doing better!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I admire you for not shrieking and freaking when the vomit began coming up!

suzanne @ pretty*swell said...

Oh my goodness! You are a trooper, lady. Sounds like you have some wedding toast ammo to stash away for the future!