Monday, October 25, 2010

Evolution of a Room

I realized the other day that I hadn't yet posted the room update we did in Linus's room. When he moved to a new "big boy" bed, it required a bit of rearranging. It's amazing how much bigger a twin bed is than a crib.

Originally, the room looked something like this -

Paint color, courtesy of the previous owner. Mess, courtesy of my husband. This was shortly after he began working from home. This was his office. I just shut the door.

Eventually, the mess and paint color began to grate on my nerves and I couldn't just let the closed door handle it so a room revamp was undertaken and an "entertainment" room was born.

At this point in our marriage I was still into the whole "compromise" thing in decorating. Thus, the room was painted blue - which certainly came in handy a few years later.

(Please ignore the weird splicing. My blinds weren't actually hung crooked.)

Jump ahead almost three years, and you find us converting the "entertainment" room into a room for a baby boy. Pops of orange were added to brighten up the room and black-out liners were attached to the back of the blinds to darken it.

That rocker was just a place holder for my backordered one.

This past September, the room evolved once again. From a room for a baby to a room for a growing boy. After months of uncertainty, we finally settled on the Ikea Kura reversible bed. It had been one of our first choices but we were hesitant about the loft aspect. Currently, the bed is flipped so the mattress sits closer to the floor but eventually, we figure it will be good to open up that space a bit to allow even more play space.

Linus's bedding is also an Ikea purchase. Instead of the traditional American-style made bed, I chose to just go with the fitted sheet and duvet cover combo. This makes it easier for Linus to "make his bed" in the morning. He just has to tuck the duvet down towards the foot and straighten his pillow.

I'm sure as Linus grows older or as we expand our family, the room will continue to evolve. Heck, maybe we'll even break out a new paint color someday.


Convertible Girl said...

What a great room! And I love your changing table/activity table.

Andrea said...

I love it! What a great idea to use the loft bed upside down. I too think it would be good to have one in the future but not yet...will definitely keep this in mind!

Amy said...

Looks fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Really looking like a big boy room Abby! Great job!. It is amazing sometimes how things rearrange to "grow". Once again..great job! Terry

Heidi said...

Oh gosh, he really is a big boy! Looks great.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's totally working, isn't it? That's a great shade of blue, too.

Ilina said...

I have two boys who could really use your help. One room is a lovely shade of green so you'll be inspired by another hue. The other room, of course, is blue.