Thursday, July 01, 2010

His Own Drummer

This is a repost from last July 4th. I'm reposting it to remind you that once again Durham Central Park is hosting a children's parade complete with Scrap Exchange decor.

This year, the event will take place on July 3rd. The fun begins on the 500 block of Foster St with decorating at 10AM and the parade at 10:45. (More details here.) Afterwards, while your slurping on that free juice pop, be sure to hit up the Farmers' Market for the best in local eats.

We plan to take our wagon this year in hopes of not being two blocks behind on a three block route.  Hope to see you there.

We've always known that toddlers, in general, can move painfully slow, but we didn't know just how slow Linus can move until we joined in a Fourth of July parade.

Here's Linus getting ready to go with his bike decked out with re-purposed supplies from the Scrap Exchange.

Here's the start of the parade. Go, Linus, go.

There goes the parade.

Suddenly at the back of the pack and we haven't even moved yet. "Hey, what's that?!?"

There go the rest of the paraders.

Finally moving although already about a half a block behind.

Oops. Gotta stop and check out the fire truck.

Needless to say, we only managed to complete half the parade route. Lucky for us, the police officer controlling traffic did wait for Linus to round the corner before allowing traffic to move again. Thankfully, Linus's friend Katie's daddy picked up an ice pop for Linus at the end of the route because, heaven knows, if any were left, they would have been a puddle by the time we got there.

Oh well, it was fun, he was still cheered by a few patient spectators, and we got to parade all the way home.


Jeni Q said...

Hey, that's one of those Radio Flyer bikes w/o any pedals, isn't it?

You should *totally* hand-me-down that to our Linus in a few years. :)


Suzanne @ pretty*swell said...

He is just too cute. Love this post!

And, wow, that was some adventure with Linus careening off the path in your other post. Glad everyone is okay!