Thursday, June 03, 2010

Three for Thursday

Here we go again. (Check out previous Thursday loves here and here.)

For Me or You
These pants from Anthropologie. Oh, the softness, the comfort, the decent price (for Anthropologie). This past weekend, it was decided that we needed to get out of the house for a little retail therapy whether Linus liked it or not. In the end, he was quite cooperative and, with Daddy wrangling him, I got a nice long browse through one of my favorite stores. The best part was that I scored the pants I'd been lusting after online for a few weeks in my size and ON SALE. I spoiled myself (at my husband's behest) and bought both colors. Now, I can finally throw away my favorite brown lounge pants that have so many holes in them that it is obscene. Really.

For the Kid(s)
One of my favorite children's book authors is Mo Willems and his new Cat the Cat series is the perfect way to encourage any not-yet-reader or beginning reader in a simple and hilarious way. The words are few, the text is large, and the sentences repetitive. They are a dream for new or soon-to-be readers. Linus loves pretending to read by running his finger under the words while he "reads" the story (from memory). Unlike the See Jane type stories of old, Cat the Cat and her friends actually bring humor, compassion, and a STORY to beginning reading. The mom in me recommends them for the fun and the first grade teacher in me recommends them for the educational value.

Plus while your picking up Mo's books, don't forget the Elephant and Piggie series. They are sure to make you laugh out loud.

(Psst... There's even fun and games online with some of Mo's beloved characters. We love to make Piggie dance.)

For the Home
Spray Paint- This one may sound silly but really, I'm absolutely serious. What can't you fix with spray paint? It's like my version of duct tape. I've used spray paint to improve the back storm door, a boring chandelier, a used crib (I know not everybody is comfortable with used cribs, but...), old metal outdoor furniture, and even to switch gold hardware on the front storm door to nickel. It's as easy as spray. Just be sure to do it outside and then leave it out there for as long as possible. That stuff is TERRIBLY noxious.

And a bonus for today. I LOVE this. It's likely I prompt Linus for this daily.

Sadly, hibiscus has become hibiscus and no longer kaibiscus. I wonder how much longer humongous will remain quemungous. *sigh*

[Again, not paid for anything I link to or mention. Just stuff I love, plain and simple.]


Andrea said...

Love that video! And those curllls!

Heidi said...

Oh how I love quemungous! And his enthusiasm! Miss that little guy (and his mommy & daddy, too).

And once again, appreciate the book recommendations. I love Mo too, but don't own very many of his books yet. My amazon wishlist is growing exponentially since you started your Thursday loves. :)

Gram said...

I would sure like to give him a quemungous hug and kiss!

Grandson photos and videos are all the rage in my office.

thanks for sharing.

Convertible Girl said...

Just discovered Elephant and Piggie at our house -- so funny!