Monday, June 14, 2010

Scissor Practice for Preschoolers

Inspired by the "Rainbow Walk*" Linus took while spending the morning with his Aunt Chelsea, I decided to have a collage making afternoon. After reading through his book of color collages, Linus was ready. I gathered up some old magazine and catalogs, a pair of child-safe scissors, and two pieces of construction paper (in his chosen colors).

The main goal of this project was not to teach colors (though it could be), but to practice using scissors. Linus hasn't mastered the motor skills behind cutting, so a little practice is a good thing. You would not believe how difficult it is to explain how to use scissors to a child.

Linus quickly grew frustrated. (It didn't help that he wanted tiny pictures.) After cutting 6 or 7 pictures, I took over most of the cutting.  I do plan to have him add-on to these during future practice sessions. His favorite part of the project -- gluing.

*A great idea from my talented sister-in-law is a rainbow walk. From what I can gather (I talked to a two year old after all), they went around her yard searching for objects for the different colors of the rainbow. The ones they could carry were placed in a bucket that Linus was super excited to share with me. Some of his finds included an orange day lily, green leaves, and purple doggy poop bags (his favorite find).

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Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cutting and pasting are HUGE with that age group! I love watching my Cubbies at church cut and paste--it's always a mess, but it's THEIR work!