Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Chandelier in the Kitchen?

Despite feeling the urge to do something big, we won't be selling our house anytime soon. We love it here and we still have so much more we'd like to do with this little house before dreaming bigger. I mean, we did just add an entire room to the place last summer. We want to enjoy that for a while... not to mention finish it up. There's still trim work to be done and drapes to be made.

However, when we do decide to sell our house, there are two blog posts I will definitely be referencing. This one over at Petit Elefant about how to stage your house and this one from Young House Love with tips on photographing your house. Believe me, I won't rely on a Realtor to snap photos in one swooping visit. Instead, I will do it with my new fancy camera until I get perfect shots. I've already been practicing.

In the meantime, we have lots of little projects to keep us occupied- like this one just completed in our kitchen.

That's right, I hung a chandelier in my kitchen and it looks stunning. I have a thing for chandeliers and this one takes the total chandelier count in my little 2 bedroom, 1 bath house up to three. Of course this chandelier will be one of the things listed as "does not convey" when one day we do sell the house. I can't imagine parting with it.

(I will eventually take a better photo- one that shows the kitchen in full. However, today was not the day as our sink has backed up beyond even snaking thus there are dishes EVERYWHERE. Once that's all cleaned up, I'll snap more pics.)


Andrea said...

super cute! As a side note, we just found a great plumber. Let me know if you want his info!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is just COOL. I love great lights like that.

corrie said...

Whimsical! I am so bad about decorating. I was glad to just get all the walls painted when we moved it, and basically left it at that. Except for the kids' rooms -- I had a lot of fun with those. Bill has suggested perhaps we take a little time and actually decorate our bedroom now, since I have spent way more time on the kids' rooms, and our room is lucky to have a couple of tab-top curtains from Target -- ones which are several inches too long, and I promised I would shorten...six years ago.

I like that you are always mixing things up at your house, and decorating for each holiday/season.

I'll have to bookmark your links for staging and photographing, in case we ever do actually move. I am always looking at our house with an eye for how it would appear to potential buyers. One of my favorite passtimes is looking online for out "next" house (just in case the perfect thing is currently on the market!), and I'm so surprised at how little time and effort people have taken with the pictures they post of their home that they hope to entice others to buy. I mean, some people don't even tidy up before snapping photos! I'm pretty sure I can do better than that.

Miche said...

That is so cute! I bet it is just lovely in the daylight with the sun shining through it!

AND I was thinking-would you like to try for March 4th to go to the science museum near you? I am really going to make myself drive out there to check it out (finally, I know, Im a huge slacker on that) and it would be super fun to meet up with you guys again!

Convertible Girl said...

Love it! Hopefully one of these days, we'll do some of our reno projects downstairs so that I can hang our very cool chandelier that my in-laws gave us -- it was originally a gift to my MIL from her in-laws, but now they don't have a place for it.