Friday, November 13, 2009

This Week in Dinner

I know I've mentioned all of this before but let me say it one more time. Without Everyday Food and Harris Teeter Express Lane, my family would starve. I'm just saying.

Instead here is what's on the menu for next week:

Bean and Pasta Soup
Creamy Pasta with Ham and Broccoli
Meatloaf with a side of Maple-glazed Parsnips and Sweet Potatoes
Penne alla Norma
Beef Stroganoff with a side of Roasted Butternut Squash

(It's kind of pasta heavy. Usually I don't allow that to happen but this week, I'm too tired to care.)

And just for kicks, I'm thinking I might make a Cream Cheese Pound Cake.

While we're talking food, I'm currently considering the Holiday Dinner from Everyday Food's December 2005 issue. It centers around Boeuf Bourguignon with a side of potatoes with parsley. It also includes a Watercress, Frisee, and Pear Salad, and wraps up with Cream Puffs and hot fudge.

I included links to as many as I could find online. I tend to strive for meals that have a preparation time of 30 minutes or less. Some may take longer to cook (like the Beef Stroganoff that sits in the Crock-Pot all day), but I refuse to do more than 30 minutes work for a meal that Linus may or may not throw on the floor.


As I am always looking for new recipes, what are some of your favorite recipes or recipe resources for getting meals on the table for hungry families?


Heidi said...

First, can we come over for dinner this week? Like, every night?

Unfortunately, I don't have much to add as far as recipe resources. While foodnetwork and allrecipes are favorite websites, I tend to get into a big huge RUT of making the same things over and over. Although, I will share my shopping/menu method which has served us well. Especially since Jackson's arrival.

Every other weekend (to match our bi-weekly paychecks)Drew & I sit down together and choose meals for the next 2 weeks, taking into consideration our schedules (i.e. nights we will not be home, special occasions that warrant going out, etc.) This is most helpful because:

1. Each morning I simply look at the list on the fridge to see what we're having for dinner that night. It saves the dreaded "what do want, no what do you want" conversation that drives me CRAZY!

2. It saves a ton of money on the grocery bill. My grocery list is only the ingredients required to make the meals we have outlined. As long as you stick to the list (which I'm pretty good at most of the time) it's much more cost effective than wandering the aisles and ending up with nothing that actually goes together. Except for the occasional "we're out of milk" trip, I seriously go to the store once every 2 weeks. Sure - the cupboards and fridge are EMPTY at the end of the two weeks, but the system works for us.

One final comment - since I have just hijacked your blog with my rambling - I will be adding an Everyday Foods subscription to my Christmas List pronto!


@juniandpip said...

This is great -- thank you! My favorite easy recipe is the sweet potato black bean casserole: Pippi likes it, although I can't get Juni to eat it at all.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your meals look yummy! I have accumulated more recipes than I'll ever make now, so I never look any more!