Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thanksgiving Centerpiece?

Attempted a Thanksgiving turkey project inspired by these Gobblers that Linus loves.

It should have been easy. I prepared everything during nap time. I drew the feather shapes and made the heads. I gathered the materials and set out the inspiration piece. I was ready...

But instead, it was a disaster.

Sometimes, I wish I had a little girl just to craft or color with. A little girl who wouldn't choose to run around flapping the crafting feathers, then smear glue on a few only when encouraged to decorate the turkey feathers, and state after a mere 3 minutes of crafting that she is "all done". When persuaded to color a few more feathers, a girl who wouldn't grab the black marker and scribble all over the paper and table, and then have to have said marker wrestled out of her hands to avoid any wall incidents while moving on to "cars".

But then again, if I had a girl I wouldn't have this little guy. And he is just about the cutest thing I can even dream up.

Lucky for us all, Daddy intervened with the calm and patience I had lost and our turkey project was salvaged.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Soooo cute (and the kid's not too shabby either)!

Don't worry, I worked with lots of little girls who would do the same thing Linus did with crafts. They might have even flipped the table over and thrown a chair or two for good measure :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

It's the age, sweetie. My boys are now big time crafters and it only took them 5-6 years to get there. But the toddler years...when I spent 30 minutes cleaning up finger paint projects that held their attention for 5 minutes...shudder.
Cute turkeys though:)

Jo from Dixie said...

Adorable project...and Linus, too! I have to tell you that my girls would have acted just the same way. It's the age, not the gender.

@juniandpip said...

Too cute -- I'd loan you my little girl, but her behavior is WAY worse than Linus's, so she's no help. Apparently she went to preschool in her pajama top this morning (I was out of town for a meeting) because my husband and mother-in-law were unable to convince her to put on clothes.

Midwest Mom said...

Oh, they turned out great!

I think the hardest thing for me at first was to realize that any toddler 'craft' had to be open-ended. Low expectations were the name of the game.

(It also helps that I'm not as naturally crafty as you.)

- Julia

@sweetbabboo said...

I don't know what you're all talking about. My imaginary girl would behave perfectly and spend at least an hour crafting to a neat and tidy completion. She'd be just as perfect as her mommy... and obviously no relation of mine.

I know it's the age but I can dream, right? ;)


Miche said...

That is so cute!! I have tried a few crafts with the boys, but the glue getting everywhere usually results in me quickly trying to grab the glue sticks and whatever we were doing before it permanently sticks to the floors and walls...I feel your pain :)