Friday, November 20, 2009

Scrooges, All of You

As it always does this time of year, the debate is raging: Is it too early for Christmas? I will admit that in the past, I was definitely on the side of "not until Black Friday" when it came to Christmas, but this year is different.

*standing up tall, shoulders back* 

I will admit it. I have started and I don't care what you think. We've got Christmas music daily (though we are already sick of the 24/7 Xmas station's 10 song rotation), a start on the outside lights (not on yet though), and holiday beverages flowing. If my husband would let me, I'd start putting decorations up. But as it is, they are strewn across the family room awaiting the ok.  

I have a good excuse for this jump start... really I do. This is the first Christmas that Linus is really and truly gonna know what's going on and that's my driving force. I'm just so excited to share it all with him. Plus, the reality is that it's gonna take at least a month to get up all the decorations (I'm doing 4 trees and have a closet entirely devoted to Christmas) with a toddler assisting. 

And as far as the Christmas lights, it has taken 2 afternoons and 2 trips to Target for my husband to get up 2 strings of lights. Believe me when I say we need the extra time.  

I love Thanksgiving. I do. But everything about that is already planned and color coded on a spreadsheet. All that's left is the cooking. Why wouldn't I go ahead and get started on Christmas?  

However, if all of that is not a good enough excuse, I will give one that will end all other arguments. Here it is: My email from Martha told me that I should have my Christmas cards already made or purchased by this week and I haven't even started. You see, Martha thinks I'm behind and that's just killing me.

So, there.


This post is in response to Marty's (who is obviously my long lost Christmas sister) latest post over at Triangle Mamas and the continuing Triangle Mama's Twitter-bate regarding the official Christmas start date.


Heidi said...

So far, I've resisted the urge. (Okay, not totally.)

Christmas cards are designed, printed and ready to be stuffed & labeled.

80% of gifts are bought (as my spreadsheet outlines).

Wrapping paper is purchased.

Next week there are no holds barred. Partly becasue it's Thankskgivng week. Partly because our office in on furlough and I'll be home for 9 DAYS IN A ROW! (Furloughs are bad, but a 9 day vacation is GOOD!) Mostly because I just can't wait any longer.

Decorations will come out. Tree will go up. Lights will be hung. Holiday playlists will be created. Holiday baking will begin. I can't wait!

If only we didn't have 3 birthdays to celebrate (in our family of 3) between now and Christmas! :)


PS - I concede on the decorations. I have several rubbermaid tubs, but your closet takes the cake. :)

Andrea said...

4 TREES?? It's all I can do to get one and a wreath going haha...Looks like I need to step up my game.

Victoria (mswiggie) said...

Hahahaha!! Ok, ok Bravo to you Sweet Babboo for gettin your Christmas on BEFORE Black Friday. I've got my boxes pulled out of the attic and ready to unpack with "oohs" and "aaahs" as we dig out stuff that a mere 11 months ago we were sick of but are now excited to see and exclaim "I forgot we had this!!!"

I just can't help it though! It's in my DNA!!! Christmas music should never be played until the official start of the Christmas season which is Black Friday! I'm sure that is on the internet somewhere, and you KNOW what they say about the truth of stuff on the interwebs.

Maybe I am a little more Scroogedy this year though: my kids leave on Wednesday to go to Colorado until AFTER Christmas, so maybe I'm just prolonging the inevitable that they won't be around on Friday to help drag out the tree, get tangled in the wires, get arms scratched by the fake tree branches that need to be primped or any of the other fun that is Christmas decorating. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You people. You make the rest of us look bad!

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

Standing on chair shouting "WooHOO!"

Ilina said...

Green Girl is my sister.

4 TREES?! Do you live in a mansion? I can barely manage 1 plus a little 1 for the boys to decorate in the family room. I envy your storage space. I do love Christmas and I almost bought all kinds of stuff I didn't need at Target today.

But I'm embracing Thanksgiving. I love that it's all about food and has not present pressure. And I'm working on taking one thing at a time. Martha has always made me feel inadequate. So I'm flipping her a certain finger and not sweating the fact that my friends might get new year's cards.

Red said...

Yep, I have started! Not really truely started, but we have had santa photos taken, have introduced Champ to the Christmas idea (I also love that this is the first year he will actually 'get it' about Christmas). I have even just uploaded a video of Champ singing Christmas songs to my blog. Yep, I have started.

corrie said...

I don't think I'm even qualified to enter this debate. Bill pretty much does the Christmas decorations these days. Last year I just made the mulled wine and hung a few ornaments. And this year? We're not even sure WHERE we'll be celebrating Christmas -- could be in our cozy home, could be in a sterile labor and delivery room. So I'm not planning to go all out on the decorations.

One thing Bill and I agree on wholeheartedly: The official END of Christmas is December 26th. Bill gets itchy if the decorations aren't stowed away by noon that day.

What I'd really like to see is a heated discussion about real versus fake Christmas trees. We're 100% natural here, baby!

Miche said...

I'm usually for waiting until after Thanksgiving, but this year I am really excited because Little Dude is SUPER excited about Santa! I've put up a few things inside, though nothing outside.

And I agree-the Christmas radio station needs to change up their rotation a bit; I am already sick of their 12 songs, as well and have broken out all of my CDs, though Josh Groban's is the only one we have listened too yet.