Monday, October 26, 2009

Boo Bowling

Here's a little festive adaptation of Toddler Bowling that I whipped up over the weekend.

It's easy. First beg, locate, save, or, in my case, purchase enough tennis ball cans to have a set of "bowling pins". Remove labels.

Next, locate as many sheets of standard white 8.5x11 printer paper as you have "bowling pins". Trim the long side of each sheet so that it will fit inside of the tennis ball can without sticking out. I had to cut my down about an inch.

Using a black marker, draw large oval shaped "eyes" on each sheet as shown. Then, roll the sheet up with eyes facing out, insert into can, and replace lid. (Optional: Insert a tennis ball or other weight to provide a little resistance to tipping.)

Lastly, pull out an uncut Funkin or optionally (and only if outside) a real pumpkin to use as the bowling ball.

Let the Boo Bowling begin.

And to think I almost wasted time and money covering cardboard tubes with white spray paint to use as bowling pins instead. Instead, in about ten minutes time, I had a fun toddler activity option for our upcoming Halloween Boo Brunch.


Amy said...

Great idea! I bet everyone at the brunch will have a blast knocking down those ghosts with a pumpkin!

Sue said...

LOVE this! Great idea!!!