Thursday, August 06, 2009


Having a toddler really makes you aware of your own personal flaws and verbal tics. Linus now answers most questions with an, "Uh-huh" the ending of which spikes piercingly high and teacher like. He also tends to respond to commands and comments with "-k".

These are all a little mildly irritating. Of course, the ones that really get under my skin are ones he learned from his daddy; things his daddy does that drive me nuts like drinking water directly from the faucet stream.

Of course the messiest and most hilarious is one that neither of us can claim nor deny responsibility for: soaking his head in the bathroom sink. Daddy does it to refresh after a long work day and Mommy does because her hair tends to dry before she gets a moment with a blow dryer. Of course, Linus does it just for fun and there's nothing wrong with that either.


Midwest Mom said...

Oh, that's too funny. I always chuckle when I hear my kids getting annoyed with one another and calling each other "young man" or "young lady" or finishing their statement with, "am I making myself perfectly clear?!!!"

I know where they got that. [raises hand]

;) - Julia

Heidi said...

I think "just for fun" is the best reason of all. And there's nothing like being reminded by your child that sometimes it's okay to make a mess, put off tasks and just have fun! And that even bathroom faucets can be the supplier of such fun!

I'm looking forward to seeing little glimpses of Drew & I in Jackson as he grows. Maybe even the annoying stuff (I think)! :)