Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I always thought that loveys were a consistent thing for toddlers. Everything I ever read said that a child will attach to this one thing and you better have back-ups in case one should ever be lost. Which is why I was surprised that Linus never attached to anything.

Eventually, I just decided that his "lovey" was his thumb and I felt lucky. I mean, his thumb can never be lost, misplaced, or even tossed onto the floor outside the crib. On this issue as with many parenting scenarios, I was wrong.

Linus does indeed have a lovey. The trick is figuring out which one it is on any given day.

Tonight, Linus, a usually fantastic sleeper, spent an hour and a half screaming in his crib. His daddy tried rocking, snuggling, assuring, and even crying it out and nothing seemed to help. He just kept screaming. Daddy even turned on a light worrying that he had developed a sudden fear of darkness. Daddy was doing his best to handle it.

Finally, I decided to go in and see what I could do. I usually am not the desired parent at night as the chorus of "Daddy gawk (rock)" makes abundantly clear. However, tonight I was the problem solver.

Upon entering I see a tear-streaked, red faced little boy. I begin probing and get a constant and repeated "Eee...". Um ok, don't know what that means, until all of the sudden I do.

If you ever ask Linus what a pirate says, he will respond, "Eee.." In his vocabulary challenged, distressed beyond sense way, Linus was trying to tell me that he wanted his pirate toy. A toy that until today had taken up space in his closet. Today it became the favorite so much that each pirate had to be kissed goodnight before bedtime.

Upon realizing what it was Linus was communicating, I was quickly able to solve the problem.

"You want one of your pirates?"


"If I give you one of your pirates in bed, will you lay down and go to sleep?"

"Eee." Linus collapses into his bed burrowing his head in his pillow.

I quietly reach over to the pirate ship, pick out a single plastic figurine, and hand it to him.

I haven't heard a peep since.


@juniandpip said...

You are Genius Mommy!

Heidi said...

I just posted a similar story on our blog this morning. It's a mom thing...being able to understand exactly what your child is trying to tell you, even when no one else does. Way to save the day!

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Eeeee! I hope he keeps saying that's what pirates say :) Uncle Jonathan will be happy to hear that Linus is finally interested in the pirate ship!

Marty, a.k.a. canape said...

CC does the same thing. One day it's Grover, the next his bear, the next, it's something completely random. And it's a game to figure out just exactly what it is that he wants to love on that day. Sometimes not a fun game :)

Miche said...

Oh dang!! That would be a hard one! AJ actually changed lovey a few months ago, and I think I actually was sad for the old dog toy that has been replaced with his teaddy bear....hahaha!