Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Can I have the definition, please?

I recently read a post over at my good friend Corrie's blog regarding the changing of vernacular from toddler speak to real, understandable English. It is bittersweet to think of Linus's language improving. Bitter because I love his little tiny toddler voice and his funny pronunciations, but sweet because we have had our concerns regarding his speech and to have him become more understandable is definitely a good thing.

So in an effort to hold on to these adorable pronunciations I give you Li-Li's Dictionary.

  • Li-Li -> Linus. Often said while patting his chest to insure understanding that he is talking about himself. It is regularly used as a substitute for the traditional toddler phrase, "Mine." This one has already become obsolete as yesterday he began to refer to himself as Linus. Boo.
  • Gaukawoowie -> Guacamole, a favorite treat.
  • Ninnie Nane -> Our cat Wednesday, affectionately known as Winnie Jane.
  • Gawk -> Walk. Often used in the sentence, "Li-Li gawk," when he does not want to be carried.
  • Gawk -> Rock. Not to be confused with wanting to walk, this one is used at night and usually used in the phrase, "Dada, gawk."
  • Peas -> The always adorable traditional toddler pronunciation of 'please'. Of course, if told to ask nicely, Linus won't say please but will instead sign please while repeating, "Nice".
  • Bame -> Game. Usually screamed loudly upon visually identifying my iPhone where there is toddler fun to be had.
  • Tockit -> Chocolate, of course. While at Local Yogurt, Daddy made the mistake of asking Linus if he wanted anything else on his frozen yogurt besides the peaches we had added. Linus quickly glanced at the choices and announced, "Tockit, peas."


@juniandpip said...

So precious! Pippi is just starting to really try to talk. My favorite is how she says "Lulu" (her lovey's name -- "Woo Wooooo," usually repeated several times for dramatic effect.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I adore the image of him patting his chest and saying "Li-Li." The cuteness is devastating.

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

So sweet! I'm hoping he hangs on to Chee-Chee and Jon-Jon. :)