Thursday, April 23, 2009

R is for Reduce, Reuse, and then Recycle

Here's a quick, cheap, and green idea for the day. Wash out used food containers and let kids use them in their play kitchens. Instead of having to purchase tons of pretend food, they can pretend with the real thing.

Although Linus is not yet into pretend cooking, I have already begun saving things from a chili powder tin to the paperboard butter box. I see this done all the time in the play kitchens in preschools and daycares so why not do the same here.

Plus, as long as your saving containers, how about this. Instead of tossing or recycling those glass jelly jars, salsa jars, or Marshmallow Fluff jars (oops that may just be me), wash them up and store your leftovers in them. Instead of purchasing cheap, plastic Gladware, you can have a safer, greener, and better sealed storage solution. The added bonus is that instead of having to transfer your leftovers to a non-plastic container for microwaving, you can just remove the lid and zap it. Just don't forget to recycle them when you get more than you can use.


My in-laws are coming into town today so I better get back to my compulsive cleaning. (Click on it. It's Midwest Mom's latest post about the obsessive cleaning we do before our family arrives for a visit. It's a good one.)


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

Haha I was just thinking about what a mess our house is - and they're staying at ours! Aaaaaah! It's truly awful. And I'm trapped at school and running on caffeine fumes at this point in the week.

About the jars, though, yay! I love searching for stuff to buy in glass containers that I know I can re-use. Amy's salsa jars are a very good size (though I think we can both make better salsa).

Anonymous said...

As a mother and mother-in-law, I have to say that the cleaning doesn't matter. The people are more important. And if cleaning was still somewhat needed, we could enjoy cleaning together. And, knowing the father-in-law in for both of your families, I am certain that cleaning doesn't matter! Myrna

Chelsea + Jonathan said...

And that's not our Amy I'm referring to! The natural foods brand, Amy's. Okay just wanted to make sure I'm clear. :)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I do this too! Last night my neighbor needed 2 eggs--they were sent over nestled in a sour cream container with a napkin;)

Amanda said...

We have a drawer just for our girls in the kitchen.

Miche said...

I love letting the kids use old salt containers and cereal boxes to play with! And I, too, clean like crazy before the in laws come. Some may not care, but my MIL in a neat freak, and I hate for her to see my house dirty, even if she wouldn't care-I do! :)

Anonymous said...

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