Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just Like Daddy (and Mommy)

While other toddlers begin asserting themselves with the word "no", Linus does not. In fact, he hasn't even used the word 'no'- at least not yet. Instead, the word he uses most often isn't exactly a word, it is more of a sound. This sound though communicates plenty.

So what is Linus's most frequently used word/sound? Ick. He uses it, along with a wrinkled nose, to express a lot. It can be used when something odd, like cat fur, is stuck to your fingers. It can be used to inform a neglectful parent that a diaper needs changing or a nose needs wiping. It can be used to remind that same parent that he remembers not to touch the toilet, trashcan, or street litter. It can also be used to let the kitty know you'd prefer her to present her face and not her hind end for petting.

Of course, my favorite use of the word/sound is one that definitely harkens of his slightly compulsive, bordering OCD (hubby, not me) parents. That use communicates concern over one's appearance especially in regards to shoes. If say, while splashing in a puddle, a leaf dares to attach itself to the top of your new rainboots, the noise is an immediate message of displeasure before the offending leaf is removed. It is also the noise that is made when mud, again from a puddle, ends up on the wheels of your bike. Whether it is grass on your hand from a minor stumble, bird poop on your new slide, or a dust bunny hiding in the corner of the living room, "Ick!" seems to always be the appropriate response.


Chelsea + Jonathan said...

I love it! It makes me think of all the stuff I've been reading for Olive about how she picks up cues from us and if we hate going out in the rain, she will too. So today I found myself jumping in the rain and smiling and saying how much fun it was as my jeans were getting soaked and the rain was pelting me.

It didn't work. I think she saw through it.

:) Mabye Linus will continue to love doing chores!

Anonymous said...

nothing wrong with wanting to have things nice, neat AND clean! I love it!

Heidi said...

Love this! He'd fit right in at Aunt Heidi's house, too. A shoe lover AND a neat freak! :)

Nichols Family said...

This is too good! I love your writing, it paints such a clear picture in my head. I adore this little guy!

Midwest Mom said...

How funny! My oldest used to make that sound whenever he was crawling in the grass in our back yard. He would pick up his hand to move forward, look at it, and say ick with the squinched nose, put that hand down, and as the other one came up to move forward, he'd turn his head to the other side, look at it, and do the nose and the ick again. It was hilarious (and made him a pretty slow crawler for a while.) Needless to say, as soon as he could walk, there was no more 'ick'! :)